The ten most formidable human civilizations in history

The ten most formidable human civilizations in history

From the worst to the worst.

there are countless human civilizations in the history of the world, from China to Zimbabwe, from Britain to Colombia. The following is a list of ten awesome civilizations in human history, from the worst to the worst. As there are many civilizations in the course of human history, this list does not include all of them. if some of the civilizations you think to meet the requirements are not selected, please let us know.

the 10th Celtic Empire

the Celts have always enjoyed the "laudatory name" of head hunters and are famous for often hanging the heads of their victims on their chariots or their doorstep. Many Celts fought naked and naked (often to the surprise of the enemy), armed with famous iron swords: "they killed the enemy on the battlefield, chopped off their heads from corpses, and hung the booty high above the horse's head." Other trophies stained with blood were handed to the entourage, then sang a song of triumph and returned home. Then they are like the first "fruit" of that group of people nailed outside their houses, as some people would do if they hunted certain kinds of wild animals. They embalmed the head of the most famous enemy with cedar oil and carefully treasured it in a box as a family treasure; then when guests visited, they would show it and proudly introduce their so-and-so ancestor or their father or himself. in so-and-so refused to be offered a high price to buy this "baby". Some people say that some of them boast that others want to buy it in gold as heavy as the head, but they are also turned down. "


the 9th Maori civilization

Maori were the earliest settlers in New Zealand, arriving many centuries before the Europeans. Their culture can be traced back to the early period of medieval history. There was a custom of cannibalism on the battlefield. In October 1809, a European ship exiled criminals were attacked by a large number of Maori fighters to avenge the son of the chief who had been bullied by the Europeans. The Maori killed almost all 66 people on board and then moved the living victims to shore along with the dead bodies to eat them. A handful of survivors, lucky enough to hide in a hollow hideout in the ship's mast, witnessed the creepy scene that their companions were gulped down by the Maori that night and the next morning.


the 8th Mongol Empire

the Mongols were once called barbarians or uncivilized beasts. They were famous conquerors on horseback and swept Eurasia under the command of Genghis Khan, one of the greatest military commanders in the world. They are highly disciplined and are highly skilled archers on horseback. They use a composite bow that can pierce iron armor and are particularly good at spear and machete attacks. Their psychological tactics and intimidation were also excellent, and they built the second greatest empire in history, second only to the Empire of Great Britain (but tea and muffins were nothing to be afraid of). It all stems from a vow made by the teenager Temujin (later Genghis Khan) to keep the world at his feet. He almost succeeded. Then he turned his eyes to the Chinese Empire and rewrote history from then on. From Vietnam to Hungary, the Mongol Empire is the largest connected empire in human history.

the 7th Apache tribe

Apache is a ninja in the American land. They will appear at your side silently, slit your throat, and maybe you don't know anything yet. Their weapons are quite primitive, mainly wood and bones. They are the best daggers in history, and they are also good at using tomahawks and throwing axes. They used to frighten people in the southwestern United States, and even it was tricky for the military to defeat them. They are good at Sucker Punch warfare, and now their descendants are specializing in teaching modern special forces how to fight meat warfare. They used to have the custom of scalping their enemies.


the sixth Viking Empire

their raids and plunder have made the people of Europe shudder (not all of them, as we have read before on Listverse).

They are extremely brave in the war and use heavy weapons that suit their bodies. They were tall and ruthless, wielding axes, swords, and spears. Even their religion is war, and they believe that if you die of sand, you will fight forever and forever. They are the ultimate warriors, and they prove it with destructive tactics on the battlefield.

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North Korea

North Korea

North Korea

4th Roman Empire

although Rome may be the greatest empire in human history, you can't ignore some of its dark sides. Criminals, slaves, or other people deprived of their freedom are forced to play death fights to entertain people. Some Romans are the embodiment of evil spirits-Caligula, Nero, and so on. And what is outrageous is that around 64 AD, Nero carried out targeted persecution of a certain group, and many people died miserably, including being torn apart by dogs and burned alive as human flesh torches. The first existence was the Holy Roman Kingdom, followed by the ancient Roman Republic, and finally the Roman Empire. The original batchThe farmers of farming and animal husbandry had to fight the wolves to protect their livestock, but eventually developed the greatest empire in history, which is a legend handed down through the ages. The Roman Empire, or ancient Rome, was also one of the empires of duration. It has a history of 2214 years from its establishment to the fall of the Byzantine Empire.


the third Aztec Empire

since the 14th century, the Aztec Empire began the complex rule of politics and religion and developed the human sacrifice to a historical peak. About 20,000 people are killed every year, as sacrifices of gods, especially the sun gods, need to be "nourished" by human blood every day, and the hearts of human sacrifices are cut out, and some of them are eaten in grand etiquette. Some of the other victims were drowned, beheaded, burned, or fell from a height. In a ceremony of the god of rain, howling children were killed at several locations at the same time in the hope that their tears would attract rain from heaven. In a ceremony of the corn goddess, a virgin danced for 24 hours in the dance of death, was killed, skinned, and then continued to dance in her skin by a priest. There is a record that at the coronation of Ahuitzotl, 80, 000 prisoners were slaughtered at the same time to please the gods. It is said that some of these victims will be eroded.


second Nazi Germany

existed for a short time, but Nazi Germany was a superpower and influenced the whole world. The Holocaust in World War II killed at least 4 million creatures, even 11 million according to some figures. Nazi Germany launched the most serious war in human history-World War II. Nazi is probably the most hated symbol in the world. Nazi Germany owned about 268829 square miles of land at that time. Hitler was one of the most influential figures in the world, and his empire was by far the scariest.


the first former Soviet communist

the Soviet Union killed millions, even more than Nazi Germany. Other communist countries have caused quite a large number of deaths, but it is the former Soviet Union that leads the way. Stalin himself may be responsible for ten to 600000 lives. Under Stalin, almost everyone was in a state of panic. This alone made the Soviet Union more frightening than Nazi Germany because at that time most Germans thought that as long as they were loyal to the Nazis, they would certainly be protected by the Nazis.