The tricks of flirting with you are true, and so is the heart that loves you.

The tricks of flirting with you are true, and so is the heart that loves you.

Do you know the secret of chasing boys?


Qiu Qiu told me that she fell in love with a boy.

We have all seen that boy. He is very good-looking and very shy. He blushes even when chatting. I heard that the boy and Qiuqiu met in the wine bureau of a friend group. Qiuqiu was an old jianghu. As soon as he saw a boy hiding in the corner, he carelessly pulled him for a drink. After a few rounds, the boy was so dizzy that he clung to Qiuqiu's arms.

such a big boy hangs on Qiuqiu's thin arm, his eyes are as simple as a gentle little beast, and instantly subdues a girl's heart in Qiuqiu.

-do you know the secret of chasing boys?

Qiuqiu God approached me mysteriously and asked me. She gave me an example, "I knew you wouldn't come with me if I held out my hand, so I stretched out my leg and tripped you over, and you got up and ran after me." She looked at me with a seemingly unintelligible look on her face, and seemed to be dissatisfied with my stupidity. "so, since ancient times, she couldn't keep it with affection, but her tricks won the hearts of the people."

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at the end of the wine bureau, Qiuqiu told the boy to give you a ride home. The two men were obviously east and west of the city, and they had to turn a full 19 blocks from this end of the city to the other end of the city. By the time Qiuqiu returned to his home, the sky had already begun to turn white. In the next few days, Qiu Qiu has been using the excuse of "on the way" to ask the boy out for dinner and watch a movie.


she made a list of 19 dating tips for boys.

know that he likes Japanese food, find the restaurant with the highest score on the Internet, know that he likes a certain band, specially ask friends he knows to sign up for autographs, know that he regularly goes to the gym every week, and follow him to sign up for class. Qiuqiu hid these 19 carefully prepared thoughts quietly in his heart, for fear that he might get an insight into the traces of the other party by accident. when he starts to like a person, he will subconsciously hold himself high, but pretend to be light on the surface.

these 19 secrets are just like the secrets of martial arts handed down from generation to generation. Qiu Qiu practiced them, so from the beginning, they tried each other, and the two people slowly intervened in each other's lives bit by bit.

in every well-prepared coincidence, boys always say to Qiuqiu in surprise, "what a coincidence, do you like it, too?" At this time, Qiuqiu is always proud of himself.

everything about him is recalled over and over again, and all his habits are imperceptibly influenced in his own life. Wait until the completion of the top 18 items on the list, Qiuqiu is a little discouraged, so hard, do you really want to take the initiative to express your love?

"what's the last item?" I asked her.

"spend Christmas together."


"Oh, what a coincidence. How do you know I like this?" It's Qiuqiu's turn to ask questions.

"because I know you like it." Boys smile.

at Christmas, boys confess their love to Qiuqiu first. It was snowing that day, and they just came out of the cinema. The boy said it was cold. Qiuqiu asked what to do. The boy hugged her and buried Qiuqiu's head in his arms, saying that it would not be cold.

when Qiu Qiu relayed these details to me, he chuckled and said, "I didn't expect him to do the same thing."

the 19th secret, the last one, finally got a response from the other party. emotional competition is like a game between masters, with swords and swords in the rain, all using tricks in one move and one style.

Qiu Qiu asked the boy, "what do you like about me?" "I like you to laugh, to watch you make trouble, and to shake your hair every time you pass by me, like a child who doesn't grow up." The boy was still shy and blushed. "I think your hair smells good."

-do you know the secret of hair care?

Qiu Qiu is tying himself a ponytail, as if he had just done nursing in the hair salon. She asked this question, just like when she first met a boy, she leaned over to ask me the secret of chasing a boy. I sat in the living room and watched her take care of herself in the bathroom.


I remember watching Zhang Jiajia's movie "passing through your World". I saw Mao 18 posting posters on the streets in order to find a pig's head. Litchi, a policewoman who liked him, always stared at him to surround him. A girl sitting next to me was a big fan of Yang Yang. Seeing this scene, I sighed with envy: what a routine it is!

it's true to flirt with you, and it's true to love you.