The way you say "nothing" is really distressing.

The way you say "nothing" is really distressing.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

"I laugh every day. Do you think I'm doing well?"

this is a self-report from a depressed patient.

some time ago, depression screening was included in the physical examination of colleges and universities.

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression, accounting for 4.3% of the global population, and the incidence of depression and related suicide rates remain high.

the unspeakable pain of adults has often been hidden in the light sentence "nothing".

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are you used to wearing a mask, leaving the smiling side to outsiders and the sad side to yourself?

Adult life is not easy

when I was a child, I always thought I could save the world, but now I want life to let me go.

when the sun rises, you have to fight for it with all your strength; if you can't sleep late at night, you have to think about how to continue tomorrow.

some time ago, Li Xueqin of the Talk show, relying on her pure northeast accent, burst out one approachable stem after another, successfully making everyone laugh.

every time I get upset, as long as I look at Li Xueqin's funny jokes, the bad mood will go away.

netizens all say that "Li Xueqin is born to bring happiness to others."

however, many people can see her humor, but can't understand her depression.

Yes, the real she is a person with social phobia, depression, and suicide.

2019 is Li Xueqin's most painful year.

countless people send her Wechat every day at work, asking her to do this and that, and she replies almost as soon as she opens her eyes.

she was so anxious about the work that she happened to be divorced from her parents in Tieling, Liaoning Province.

these complex, trivial and confused things haunt Li Xueqin, making her on the verge of collapse.

one night, she made three cuts on her wrist with a fruit knife.

after stopping the bleeding, she sat back in front of the computer, continued to do PPT, and sent Wechat to her friends. I just wasted an hour of overtime to kill myself.

that's why she attended the talk show and photographed Douyin.

I happened to see that a very popular copywriter on Douyin recently reads like this:

are you tired at work today? do you have a lot of work? are your clients making things difficult for you? are your superiors fierce? are your colleagues easy to get along with? is the takeout delicious at noon? what I want to ask is, are you happy today?

someone said in the comment that no one has ever asked me that before.

others say, when people ask me, "are you all right?" I can only say, "I'm all right," or what?

Yes, everyone has their mess, and others can't see through it or empathize with it.

the world sometimes treats you gently and sometimes jokes with you.

you are trying, success always seems to come too late; you work hard with both hands, but your dreams always seem a little away from you; you want to protect the person you love most, but sometimes you feel powerless.

there are always all kinds of tastes in the world.

there are too many things that go against one's wishes, and too much bitterness to say.

everyone has the right to collapse

We are born ordinary people, careers, families, and marriages, always have ups and downs.

when we were young, we often shed tears at the slightest grievance and cried even more when comforted.

but grow up, gradually do not want to find someone to cry about, the first reaction is no longer crying for comfort, but immediately get up and pretend to be all right, so as not to be embarrassed.

self-healing has become our best skill.

there are so many moments that we all want to cry and collapse.

but when we can't hold on, we always tell ourselves: what is this pain? don't be hypocritical.

but did not say a word: I can be sad.

so we swallowed the sorrow that had reached our throats, pretended to have sand in our wet eyes, and moved on with a smile.

there is a popular saying these years: the adult world has long since given up its emotions.

but is this right?

listener friend @ peach is a single mother with a 3-year-old daughter who takes care of her children while she goes to work.

she has to raise a child and repay her mortgage, so she doesn't even have time to be sad.

after the divorce, she started a small business with the money she had accumulated in previous years.

go out early and return late every day, take the children to the wholesale market to restock, and take the children to the store for a busy day.

it was past 10:00 when I came home from work one night. I had promised my daughter that I would buy her her favorite cake, but the cake shop was already closed.

when I heard that there was no cake to eat, my daughter kept crying when she got home. No matter how she coaxed her, she couldn't coax her well.

that time, she lost her temper and couldn't help yelling at her daughter.

after yelling, I couldn't stop myself and crouched on the ground and began to cry.

she blamed herself for why she couldn't help it, but she was too tired to hold on.

carry big bags and trailers before dawn every day, just like other men, carry the goods up and down.

she said she once met a driver who asked her, "can I help you?" She's been warm for a long time.

think of the lyrics of "I once" by Lao Fan next door:

hoarse voice, heart-piercing lyrics, explain a person's struggle with the world incisively and vividly.

cry if you want.

it doesn't matter, it's not that you're not strong, it's just that you've lasted too long.

like "four" A line from "Ensemble": those who have eaten with tears can go on.

the real power is not to hold back tears, but to live hard even though you are sad.

never laugh at the crying adult, they want to put down the weight of that age for a while, just because a person has endured it for too long.

I wish you peace and peace in the future

Shakespeare's words to all who are struggling in life:

believe that everything will be all right after dawn.

do you still remember the case of nanny arson in Hangzhou?

three years ago, a fire took away Lin Shengbin's family. forced by pain and helplessness, he chose to open a Weibo called "his wife and children are in heaven".

that incident plunged him into endless grief, and now three years later, the pain is still unabated, perhaps for the rest of his life.

all the time, this dynamic of Weibo has been grabbing the hearts of every one of us.

three years later, he worked hard to get through it.

more than two months ago, Mr. Lin changed the name of Weibo "wife and Child Paradise" to his name. As he said:

Life is like a one-way street. There may be regrets, but you can't turn around. You just have to keep going.

and the meaning of life, perhaps, is to always be warm and forge ahead.

in recent years, although he can't get rid of that pain, he hasn't been idle.

he founded his own children's clothing brand, founded public welfare funds, and often participated in various public welfare activities.

I also became an anchor on Taobao, carefully introducing every piece of clothing to everyone as if I had never been hurt.

he said many times, "it's really good to be busy, even overtime is a kind of happiness."

he once wrote on Weibo: let the past, the past, let the future come.

his future is coming.

Mr. Lin's Weibo has 4.15 million followers, but the number of Weibo posts is small.

if you look at these Weibo, you will see a change in the mind of a person who bears great grief: from mourning and unable to extricate himself, to missing deeply and living toward the sun.

I remember that a writer once said:

looking back over the years, in those days when cumulonimbus clouds accumulated in their hearts could not be dispersed, they did not want to face the world and wanted to find a place to hide. The phrase "crying on the move" will always ring in my heart at the right time.

because walking, you will find that the things that make you cry have been left far behind you.

everyone will have a very difficult time, the pressure of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of study, and love all day long.

if you get through it, life will suddenly open up, and time will teach you how to shake hands and make peace with them, so don't be afraid.

Don't give up your life at any time, because a living will always turn over.

as long as you are safe, you will be happy in the future.

Let me hug, tired you

In life, there are always moments of isolation and helplessness.

when we grow up, in the face of concern, we are used to trying to play down that sadness and sadness with the words "I'm fine" and "I'm used to it".

but you know what? The world is cruel, but it is also gentle. When you are sad, you should know how to ask for help.

stretch out your hands, someone will always come up to you with a smile, give you a real hug, and then say to you,

"it doesn't matter, I'm here."

believe that it will come after suffering, and light will be ushered in after darkness.