The way you spend money is beautiful.

The way you spend money is beautiful.

For example, I have bought something I do not regret. I hope you are also the person I should entrust for the rest of my life.


I always miss something, both people and things.

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every time I see something, I hesitate because of the price of the item. For example, when I see something when I go abroad, if I especially want to buy it, I will always consider it, and then I may encounter something better. It is not worth buying at the scenic spot. But then I will never meet again. I always miss what I like because of some other factors, always consider whether it is worth buying, and then regret it when I miss it. In fact, for many items, whether it is expensive or not is not the standard to measure it, but whether you like it or not, whether it is expensive or cheap, it is worth it, because you will not regret it until you buy it.

when I went to Morocco some time ago, I fell in love with a pair of sterling silver earrings. At first, I thought the price was expensive, so I went shopping again, but no matter how I went shopping, I always thought about that pair of earrings. My friend said, "during the next journey, you will find earrings that are more worthy of that pair of earrings." but I kept saying, "OK, then go and buy them. It's an affordable price so that we won't regret them. So I walked several blocks back to buy those earrings." When I went back, someone happened to be looking at that pair of earrings, and when they put them down, I bought them without thinking. Later, I thought this was the most worthwhile thing I bought on this trip. there are some things, when it comes to the question of "whether it's worth it", it is actually your fate, just like a person, if you miss it, you will not be there.


probably a few months ago, I fell in love with a heavy metal headset. At first glance, I thought it was very expensive. After all, it was just earplug, small, but I really liked it. Every time I pass by that counter, I can't help but look at it. I still hesitate to go in and pick it up again, for fear that the teller will already recognize me. Because of the consequences of all kinds of indecision before, I finally bought it.

Life is always like this, pick and choose.

compare who is more worthy of trust for life, and

what is worth buying when shopping online.

my friend of the same class for four years in college, a girl, she is usually relatively independent, she will buy a lot of things after weighing, but this is her state when she is single. Since she had a boyfriend, all her purchase plans have been disrupted. I also know that her boyfriend is well-intentioned and wants to amuse her, but he always spends money on it, doesn't care about quality and doesn't have any aesthetic appreciation, and people don't like things no matter how expensive they are. Once, the girl wanted to buy a bag, and she was going to place an order the next day. As a result, her boyfriend casually bought her other styles of this brand when he found out. She didn't like it, and the most terrible thing was that he spent the authentic money to buy a fake bag, and it was hard for the girl to say anything more. This is simply an extreme case that will not spend money, and it also reflects how perfunctory the boy's concern is and how well-intentioned he is to do bad things.


the first wedding I attended belonged to a classmate from my hometown.

like Cecilia Cheung in the Hedong Lion Roar, she does not stipulate what her husband should do after marriage, but her husband is obedient to her. She is not a girl who is a black sheep, it can be said that she is a virtuous and virtuous person who runs the family, but this does not mean that the things she buys have no taste.

she is really a person who can spend money. I like the decoration style and furnishings of her house very much. It is not easy for anyone to make money, but she must know how to buy, spend money and know what is worth buying. A sentence I remember very deeply was said by her husband. I was stuffed with a mouthful of dog food. He said: the way she spends money is really beautiful. this remark is full of spoiling, but it is not without reason, because not everyone can have a correct view of consumption. Instead of spending money in vain without thinking too much when buying, it is better to look at what is worth buying before buying.

everyone who likes headphones has this strange idea in his heart: the world is dry, I want to be drier, the world is quiet, I want to be quieter. I just want to hear the real voice from the bottom of my heart. As Singles Day holiday is coming, many people who want to buy headphones do not know whether to buy sound insulation or noise reduction. When they are entangled, they are most likely to make a mistake.

whether you want to buy a small pair of headphones, or buy large household appliances, or even what kind of cosmetics and electronic products you want to buy, you can find good things that you like and feel worthwhile. Avoid losing money on shopping. It is not easy for everyone to make money, but they are afraid to spend the wrong money, and it is most worthwhile to buy what they like.

A shrewd person will spend money.

only those who can't spend money are called losers.

things are like people. Something worth buying is the same as a person who is worth trusting for a lifetime, and he likes it for the rest of his life.

is like something I don't regret when I bought it.

I hope you are also someone I deserve to entrust for the rest of my life.