The weather cleared up as we walked, so I guess you had a good time, too.

The weather cleared up as we walked, so I guess you had a good time, too.



at the beginning of last year, I met a boy, an ordinary company employee, who likes music and has good family conditions. In Beijing, ah, I think I can eat enough. He is not a capable man, but he is a good man. He has a girlfriend, but he rarely mentions it, and he has never seen him send a picture of two people in his moments. If his friends who are not close to him can understand his situation, to outsiders, he seems to be no different from a single person.

at the end of last year, we didn't see each other for a long time, and two of his friends happened to come to Beijing from their hometown to look for him, so they made an appointment to sit in a tavern together. Knowing that I couldn't drink, he ordered a non-alcoholic special for me. His two brothers don't seem to want to participate too much in his relationship, just say you like it. The girlfriend's personality is a bit like that stewardess in Chongqing forest, every inch of skin is enjoying the moment, having fun in time, this is nothing wrong, but for him, it may be out of control.

it's not that you haven't thought of breaking up, you know, Cancer is still nostalgic.

thinking about the past, the heart of minus 15 degrees was baked in the sun again.

there are a lot of people who don't like to express themselves, and they are not good at saying leave, but when she insists on leaving, I will say yes. Not because I am ruthless, but because I still love you, so I still insist on standing on your side.

whatever you let your temper do, you have done well from the beginning to the end.


he is very much like Tony Leung. We say this every time, no matter whether we have good taste or character, he is calm and comfortable.

No matter how impatient his temper is, he can make a soft landing there.

the other party has a new love this year. She said separate, and he said yes.

the girl said why you didn't ask me to stay. You never loved me at all.

he just smiles and doesn't talk.

We asked him why he didn't break up when he knew she had a new lover, and he said, because she was beautiful, um, beautiful. I remember when I was in Pingyao, the owner of a cd store said the same thing. It's just that he's married, and he says they have nothing in common, so why are they together? Because she's beautiful.

it seems that it is easy for us to be infatuated with a person's face but stop at admiring each other.


I woke up early this morning to see a piece of news that Iranian film master Abbas has passed away.

if you flip forward, you should be able to see it. I just recommended his love to you.

and the next film he is going to make, the love of Hangzhou, also came to an abrupt end.

when I saw the news in the morning, I was so sad that I cried in bed for a while before I calmed down. This kind of emotion may have happened to see the news, so the recent backlog of emotions has been discharged together, and a feeling of regret has emerged again. Last year, in Hokkaido, it was cold and snowy, so I wanted to drill into the pub. I finally found an open shop. The shopkeeper made a cup of steaming tea and ordered tempura's soba noodles. I saw that in that small old TV set in the pub, Japanese news reported that David Bowie had died, leaving behind a half-created masterpiece.

on the way back to the hotel, I didn't say a word. I wanted to cry and held back.

is also a kind of regret, like an old friend who has been with me for many years but never met and told me, you see, if you don't come to see my show, then I'll go first. And then never again, and then. Leave you sorry. And this kind of sadness said to the people around him, but he did not understand.

so what an important thing it is to love a person, his beautiful soul, the same aesthetic as you and the same sympathy for your feelings, is higher than the body.


along the way, although I don't regret a lot of things, there are always a lot of regrets.

it's like it's raining, and I don't have an umbrella, so I walk in the rain.

as we walk, the rain stops, the weather clears up, and the mood brightens up.

so I thought to myself,

maybe you are in a clear sky, and

maybe you are doing well, too.

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