The world is in the hands of the girl, and the girl is in your hand.

The world is in the hands of the girl, and the girl is in your hand.


in addition to Wong Kar-wai, the librarian especially likes a director, Lou Ye.

you may be familiar with his Suzhou River, Summer Palace, spring nights,

but you may not be familiar with one of his works called Love and Bruises.

in the movie, the heroine uses her body to retain a man, but without success. Loveless love loses its essential luster and the desire to possess.

Sex is based on love. loses love and possessions.

Love is the premise of desire, and love and sex should never be separated.

when I was a minor, I read a book, the unbearable Light of Life by Milan Kundera.

because he was young at that time, it was completely impossible to understand why the hero and heroine must be eager to get each other's bodies after a long separation. At that time, perceived sex was a primitive and vulgar desire, dirty and contemptuous. However, on the contrary, in love, the premise is that in love, desire is the purest, is the combination of two people with love and no impurities.

Plato has a famous hypothesis in his dialogue: the original people are both hermaphrodites. Since God split man in two, all the halves have roamed the world looking for the other half. Love is what we crave for the half of ourselves we have lost.

Love allows two people who love each other to merge and reproduce.

I fell in love with you before I fell in love with you.

there is a saying that everyone becomes a child in front of a lover.

wayward coquettish and unreasonable, because the love for her is never defenseless, and love increases a person's dependence index, but reduces the brain to zero.

Alain de Bolton has this passage in his Love Notes:

"for people who fall in love, lovers seem to have subtext in everything they say and behave.

the meaning of every smile, the meaning of every word is like a path, leading to at least twelve, if not twelve thousand. The gestures and words of ordinary life (that is, life without love) can be understood according to their superficial meaning, but now they have to exhaust all the possible interpretations in the dictionary.

at least for those who admire each other, all their doubts boil down to one central question.

it's like a sinner waiting for a verdict in panic: does she /he like me? "

you love him so you want him, want him, possess him because of love.

so soul and body cannot be separated, you and your girl feel each other.

you admire a girl, and the world is in her hands;

you dote on a girl, and that girl is in your hands.

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