The world is not worth it.

The world is not worth it.

Has been used bad stem, now it seems, there is nothing more appropriate than this sentence.

I don't know if anyone has researched why people don't want to have children. However, there are a lot of survey reports related to various institutions, so it can only be speculated that there are research reports that those who make decisions do not read them. Or people who make decisions consider the cost, the cost of improving the reproductive environment is higher than the cost of opening up childbearing, so it will not be improved!

living my age, I am no stranger to the decision-making way of patting the forehead. You wonder why decision-makers do stupid things like taking a wild shit and being found to cover your face without covering your face. Take it easy, my friend.

to be honest, whether or not the policy is open to childbearing, there is very little chance that I will choose to have another child in my life (except in extreme cases, I am too old to know that I can't say too much).

I can barely bear the hardships and money I need to bear in the process of having children, and what I find unbearable is raising children in the existing environment is too angry and too angry.

most parturients cannot successfully use painless delivery when giving birth. The biggest problem is the shortage of hospital anesthesiologists, unable to reach the level of painless delivery for most parturients. Another big problem comes from the lack of understanding of painless delivery by maternal families and the blind rejection of anesthesia.

how painful it is to have a baby, only those who have given birth can understand it, but many people who have given birth not only have no empathy for their mothers, but because they have given birth, they say, "it hurts so much. Who hasn't had it before? put up with it."

Today, with the prosperity of science and cultural progress, you can suffer a little less, but you don't need to suffer this kind of unnecessary pain. Do you say you are angry?

after the baby is born, who will raise it? How do you raise it? Either way is enough for you to drink a pot.

full-time parenting. Sorry, the current law does not protect the interests of the full-time party at all. Although full-time parenting is not limited to mothers, we have all seen that the proportion of stay-at-home mothers is much higher than that of stay-at-home fathers. But whether you are a stay-at-home mother or a stay-at-home father, the current law does not protect your interests.

you work hard without complaining, others work hard is 996, your job is 24247, you have no salary, no annual leave, no social security, and if your partner chooses to divorce or you choose to divorce, the current law will not give you any form of financial protection, and you may even lose custody of your children because you have no financial resources.

paragraph 3 of Article 36 of the Marriage Law of the people's Republic of China stipulates: "after divorce, children during the lactation period shall be brought up with the nursing mother as the principle. If a child after breastfeeding fails to reach an agreement due to a dispute over upbringing, the people's court shall make a judgment based on the rights and interests of the child and the specific conditions of both parties. "

this provision only establishes a basic principle of custody ownership, that is, it is conducive to the growth of minor children, taking into account the age of minor children, their feelings toward their parents, the economic situation of both parents, and other factors to be taken into account.

do you think this logic is ridiculous, ironic, or ironic?

well, both people go to work and leave their children to their elders, and intergenerational parenting is also the mainstream choice.

it is not bad to raise children in different generations, and it is not that the elders are not trying their best to take care of their children, but because the information is not equal and the gap between the concept of child-rearing 30 years ago and that of modern parenting is too big.

the important thing is that no matter how hard-working and capable elders are, their age is there. If parents in their thirties are exhausted by their children, let alone those in their fifties or sixties?

getting along with elders is not an easy task in itself. in addition, due to problems such as squeezed living space and incompatible living habits caused by raising children, trivial life contradictions are enough to upset you.

as for handing over a child to a babysitter and a parenting sister-in-law, I believe friends who have found a babysitter and a parenting sister-in-law know how difficult it is to find a suitable babysitter. Even a satisfactory babysitter has a lot of pain during the running-in period, and she has to worry about resignation in her life plan from time to time.

not to mention that you don't earn enough money to babysit at work.

the child will get sick. If the illness exceeds the minor ailments such as a cold or fever, he has to go to the hospital. Sometimes it is not clear whether parents are afraid of their children getting sick or taking their children to the hospital.

it's really hard to see a pediatrician. The small number of pediatricians and a large number of patients is itself a big problem, coupled with the uneven professional standards and quality of doctors, it is difficult for young children to see a doctor, who knows who goes to see a doctor.

the child is always stuffy and rubbing his nose, taking the child to see a pediatric ear, nose, and throat. The doctor looked at the nasal cavity and said, "allergic rhinitis, take medicine for 14 days."

as a family member of a patient who cannot express themself, he must ask something such as "do you need to check for allergens?" What kind of medicine do you take? What are the pharmacological effects? " It's a problem.

the doctor said impatiently, "allergic rhinitis, it is useless to check the source of allergen. Taking medicine is medicine for rhinitis. It will be good for 14 days."

the family standing in line behind us suddenly rushed in, "Doctor, we just came to ask, We have all taken all the medicine in the past 14 days, why is the child still not ready?"

later, I checked the allergen, and after avoiding the allergen, it was all right, who knows it suddenly relapsed two years later.

this time we have learned the mastery. Let's register as an expert. Hung up the expert number, 20 or 30 people crowded into a consultation room, waiting in line to see a doctor. Everyone will see the doctor for no more than two minutes, and it will be up to us. The expert takes a look at the child's nose with a nasal speculum. "allergic rhinitis is a little heavy, so you have to take medicine."

wait in line again for the doctor to prescribe medicine. The doctor briefly talked about the principle, time, points for attention, and approximate effect of the medication, which is no more than five minutes.

there is no way to complain. The doctor visited 60 patients in the morning, asked questions, issued examination orders, and nasal endoscopes looked at the test results and prescribed medicine. The doctor asked the triage nurse, "I feel like I've seen more than 30 people. Why are there so many people?" The nurse said, "I'll hang you up to the 70th in the morning, and I won't hang up in the back. I'm almost done."

all morning, not to mention rest, it is estimated that there is no time to drink water or go to the toilet. In the face of the intensity of the work of doctors, I was unable to complain. I was holding my mobile phone to check the pharmacology, properties, medication taboos, and so on. Finally, I decided not to use one of the drugs that explicitly forbade the use of children under the age of 6 (my child is 3 years old).

I have been angry about the professionalism and attitude of doctors before.

For children with enteritis and diarrhea, some doctors prescribe ribavirin.

the child has a cold and a fever, and the doctor has to give him an infusion without even looking at the child. after we have made it clear that we do not want to do so, we have prescribed a prescription for six kinds of medicine, all of which are proprietary Chinese medicines. At that time, I was so angry that I almost wanted to quarrel with the doctor. The reason why I did not quarrel was that I saw a piece of A4 paper pressed against the glass on the doctor's desk, which printed the medicine to be prescribed for various diseases, each of which was proprietary Chinese medicine.

I was not angry at that time, and my mood only took more than ten seconds to complete the transformation from shock to sadness.

doctors, in the final analysis, is a highly professional profession, without corresponding professional content updates, coupled with complex interests, I think these problems do not lie in doctors, but the corresponding system.

but these problems will eventually focus on the children. When I saw a circular promotional video advocating the use of Chinese herbal medicine on TV at the place where I was vaccinated, when I saw a long line at the gate of the hospital putting up three volts for my children, and when I saw that colds, fever, and enteritis were all given ribavirin, I didn't know whether to be angry or sad. In the end, there was only one feeling left. Strong> felt sorry for the child.

and every news about children in recent years has deepened this sadness: Sanlu milk powder incident, poison runway incident, Ctrip parent-child garden /tricolor kindergarten incident, and so on.

behind these events is the collective epitome of unprotected children living under an unsound system. It can be said that all infants and children may face difficulties.

not to mention the infrastructure that is extremely unfriendly to infants and the social environment that is extremely unfriendly to infants. Breastfeeding in public can be sprayed. No one thinks there are too few mother-and-baby rooms in public places, and no matter whether your child is hungry or not, they only focus on why you are so inattentive to appearance. Children will be sprayed if they are too noisy. People's pity for autistic and affective children only exists on the keyboard. If they meet, they will only say bear children.

after having children, I also got a lot of happiness, happiness, and love that I had never experienced before, but these were all given to me by my children. The embarrassment, inconvenience, and pain are not caused by children, but by a world that longs for children but is not friendly to them at all.

before I had children, I just thought I was an ordinary person. After having children, I feel that I am a person who has been held hostage, and my child is the hostage used by the world to threaten me.

I don't feel the slightest sense of the friendliness of the world to children. Why should I bring my children to a world where they are not welcome? Because you're open to fertility?

Li's sentence "the world is not worth it" has been badly used. I always think this sentence is too exaggerated, but there is nothing more suitable for giving birth in the existing environment.

Why don't you have children? the world is not worth it.

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