The world is so big that I want to hide without you.

The world is so big that I want to hide without you.


due to going to bed too late and getting up early,

memory is not as good as it used to be.

if you want to remember anything, write down your cell phone memo.

or prepare a book and write it down on your calendar.

what you say with some people, some details.

it's like a computer that was suddenly powered off without saving data.

people ask you if you remember, do you remember?

"No, I don't remember. I don't remember what I said."

but there are a lot of things that you don't have to remember or forget.

people are easy to be weak because of nostalgia.

as long as you are good to me once,

then I can ignore ten times you are bad to me.

I can't see you cry or apologize.

it's strange that even if you do something wrong, I can forgive you for thinking about the days when we miss and smile enough.

those who love are the best to bully, and

those who are loved are the most forgetful.

when we really want to leave someone,

it's strange that all you can think of are your good days.

how happy you were and how happy you were.

those bad days disappear like amnesia.

lovers are a strange species.

how close you can be, how ruthless you can be at the end.

is there a city that you want to leave?

some people say that if I am separated from you,

I will leave the city.

I can't stay any longer.

I can think of you all around.

you are everywhere.

you are in my head,

my days with you are like a car accident,

and your leaving is like having your leg amputated.

I had the illusion that the leg was still there.

then I still told myself to get up, move forward, and

ended up falling heavily to the ground.

in a mental accident, you are my phantom limb.

it takes time to tell me that you are really gone.

part of my body is completely gone.

where is my usual bad memory?

in the scenery where things have changed, how much I want to forget you.

the world is so big,

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I think of a place without you, to hide.