The years you stole.

The years you stole.

You did not delay my best years, the best days to meet you, I do not regret.

many couples around me have been in love for many years from the playground running track to the wedding corridor. I have also known several watching teenagers who are always looking forward to having a spare tire in exchange for sincerity. Among my good friends, there is also a little ponytail girl who has always followed the elder brother next door to climb the river and trees since childhood. Now she has become a professional woman who wears high heels for meetings and business trips every day, but she is still focused on that person.

some of them stayed until Yunkai and saw the moon, and some of them were sad and sad but had no choice but to give up. Still have, continue the long affection for a long time, let time change the face, also did not change a word I am so, how much, love you.

We like this kind of love with no regrets. But we can always empathize with those. I give you the best time, but you are just a pastime, the grievance of killing time when you are bored. I have heard too many complaints, but also said this sentence, you take what is worthy of the youth I spent on you. Really angry, ah, girls have the most abundant collagen in those years, I gave you, but you still like this once or even twice to delay me. There's no reason to feel so guilty.

this kind of thought will make me depressed and sad for a long time. It's not just sad to lose this person's relationship itself, what's more, difficult to slow down is the unwillingness to be held up by one person in good times.

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it seems that we are all particularly cautious about time, and every scale we spend should be worth it. maybe it's because time is so fast that we don't seem to have enough confidence to be happy. The road and tomorrow mark the end of someone. Once the relationship goes up in smoke, then time is in vain. Maybe time is too slow, I can't go white with you overnight, let the vastness of your hair blur your voice, your appearance, I recall along the palmprint, think of a little bit of your body temperature and your breath, but I can't remember any more.

I very much reject the process of falling into unwillingness and complaining for a long time. If two people break up after a long time together, even if the boy is at fault, now I don't want to say that this boy has delayed a girl's youth. After all, boys' time is also time, and youth is the same for just a few years. If you go wrong, say what went wrong, and don't get involved in who's time was wasted. It's like recognizing that women are always weak at the very beginning. In fact, in front of time, regardless of men and women, we all lose equal things.

so the priceless years of youth, the best years in every girl's eyes, should not be used to count, but even if they do not last good in the end, the beauty of those times also counts.

I've always wanted to make myself understand that there's nothing wrong with a lot of things that you can't eat but smell. Those who can not eat three meals and a night to eat the taste can also leave an aftertaste.

Life makes you embarrassed and embarrassed, but it doesn't reward you. The time you spend, the hurdles you can't get through, all allow you to grow up, and there are traces left behind. Although there are many bad situations that I have been forced to accept, I can't express my gratitude for suffering, but people always yearn for joy, less with a complaint that time has been disappointed, and a little more courage than I can at least hold up.

No one can turn my warm-blooded, charming, wonderful time into an experience that fades and cools after being delivered to another person. Whether the time is good or not will always be judged in my own heart, and the road we have taken, yours and mine, have been ours all these years together, and have been independent and intact for many years after separation.

We have given youth to us, so you did not waste my time, but you intentionally or unintentionally made the good things a little different.

Ah, don't you think so? are you still afraid of delaying me? Are you still afraid that time can't be repeated, so you're trembling to avoid it?

Don't be afraid, even if it's a delay, please come and delay me. I am so, how much I love you, and I give you the right to do everything you like. the best time, not flirting with you, is the reason for delaying its beauty.