Then break up.

Then break up.

Everyone is so conceited and self-abased, afraid to think they are planning the future of two people, but the other person has the idea of leaving.


when I was in love at school, I especially liked to say "then break up". as if it were some kind of emotional test, waiting for the other person to recover, naively thinking that as long as you keep making the gesture you want to leave, you can eat the other person to death. it's as if you can use your own indifference and easily get each other's heart and chest.

at that time, he always made a bad guess about whether he was in love with another girl, whether he didn't like it if I didn't grow up like this, and whether he was covetous of something to be with me. Always used to maintain their sense of security in the most straightforward and drastic way.

"you go." "then break up." "Don't come back if you can." always likes not to be outdone, as if someone gets the upper hand with a sigh of relief, but he secretly expects the other party to compromise.

it would be nice for two people to fight each other like this, but it just takes some effort. Afraid that one of them would start to feel desperate, he walked out silently. At that time, he was so annoyed that he wanted to call him back, but he still yelled at each other mercilessly, "you go, you go!" The farther you go, the better! I don't care at all! "

how amazing you are, running around regardless of your preferred luck, so arrogant and justifiably demanding everything.

Chapter 2.

everyone is so conceited and self-abased that they are afraid to think they are planning the future of two people, but the other person has made up his mind to leave.

in Jinyiwei, Zhao Wei said to Donnie yen, "I will do what you ask me to do, whether you are lying to me or not." If there is a person can be so loved by me, I will be willing to do so, kind people, always say forgive, want to cherish each other.

A girlfriend of mine is a very simple little girl. The boy I met in the first love was an old hand in the love field, and a few casual words of unintentional love were taken seriously by the girl. Girls often bring boys all kinds of good food and drink, know that boys like sneakers, stay up late waiting in line just to grab a limited edition for him. But what she didn't know was that there were several other ambiguous girls in the boy, and even lied to her on Valentine's Day that she was actually going home to have dinner with another girl.

Boys tell everyone how their girlfriends stick to them, but they even dislike the way she looks weak and haggard during her period. Later, when the girl left him, she still held the best expectations and wished him happiness in the future. A few days after the breakup, the boy filled the void with alcohol and parties day and night as if he were finally free. for a while, he dejectedly wanted to turn around and find the girl who had done his best to him. The girl already has a new boyfriend.

every time we meet that boy, he always comes to ask the girl about what she has been up to recently, whether her new boyfriend is kind to her, and even ask if he is occasionally mentioned in a very self-deprecating tone. He looked tall and handsome, and he was a very conspicuous and good-looking boy, but his inferiority and loneliness at that moment had nowhere to hide.

Chapter 3. Kind-hearted people put too many chips in their feelings, waiting for them to withdraw, so that others can not have peace of mind when they recall it at any time in the future.

that afternoon, I got on a bus, which was full of people, and the crowds kept pushing me in. fortunately, some people got off the bus through the back door. I saw a figure very much like you in the crowd. I was stupefied for a few seconds, desperately trying to pick up the crowd to find you, thinking only that I must not miss you this time. When I struggled to get to the door in the jostling and cursing of the people around me, I saw that the figure turned his head, it wasn't you.

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I laugh at myself, how could it be you, how could I meet you again.

Don't bully a kind person, you think you can win in love, and make up your mind that the other person will not be able to leave you. You unscrupulously deceive her, hurt her, push her away, you say to others, "how annoying, she always depends on me," with a smug look on your face.

you think you have won, you proudly hold the banner of victory and want to show it, but no one will praise your stubbornness in this game.

when she finally left disappointed, deserted and clean.

you realize that there is no one around you.