Then I wish you well, anywhere, anything.

Then I wish you well, anywhere, anything.

Just think that I can wave goodbye to the past only after I have said these words word by word.

Chapter 1.

Lin Heping:

see the words.

in fact, I've been thinking about writing you a letter since I said goodbye last time. Terrible you laugh at me old-fashioned, but also afraid of their own writing is too miscellaneous, but even more inexplicable. but now think about it, there is no need to make it clear, maybe I want to be so unclear with you.

I got a new job some time ago, and I was very busy, so I hung up in a hurry several times after you called me. You asked me if I had a new boyfriend, and I didn't bother to explain it. I just said it was soon, but it wouldn't be yours anyway.

I have been away from home for seven years. When I volunteered, you asked me why I had to go to such a distant city. I said I was afraid. I was afraid that I would stay by your side. I just wanted to be safe. It is as if the heart of a child is always worthy of going to other places in order to be worthy of being young. I never listened to your request to stay. On a hot and sweaty afternoon in summer, I sent a message saying goodbye to you, and saying goodbye is also a friend.

four years of college, I took a lot of certificates, I really want to prove myself, the certificate can not prove, I think time can prove. After we separated, you came to see me several times. I took you to the snack city near the school, ate the snail noodles I always told you on the phone, and went to a park. I whispered to you that the promenade by the lake, the afterglow of the sunset is the most beautiful moment in the city. You lean on the railing by the lake, you say, it's beautiful.

Chapter 2.

actually I lied to you, because I don't know what the most beautiful place in this city is, maybe it's the lights of the revolving restaurant looking down, maybe it's the famous scenic spot of Qiandao wild geese, it's not that I didn't want to take you to these more beautiful places, it's not that I was very stingy, but at that time we didn't have any money, and this looks like a good park. It happens to be free.

that night was Chen Yizhen's concert. I dragged you to the stadium. I said let's try our luck and see if we can blend in with the crowd. While you squeeze into the crowd and stab me with your arm, you criticize whether my expression can be more natural, and you have to hold your head high even if you run away from the ticket. However, with our heads held high, we were caught by the ticket staff and stopped outside the gate. I looked at the door slowly left only us and a few scalpers, helplessly asked you what to do. You said, it's easy, it's a dead end. Let's go another way. We groped all the way to the other side door of the stadium, and you said, it was breached from here. So we began to talk sweet, act cute and act cute. More than half an hour later, the ticket checking sister finally relieved. She said that after Chen Yizhen shook hands with her fans, you can go to the front row with these two work permits with you.?. You later said that the best-looking thing in this city is probably unexpected surprises, but you also said that when you make money in the future, you must make up for the two VIP tickets you owe.

after graduation, you were admitted as a civil servant in your family. As for me, I still stay in this city alone. I always feel that there are still a lot of things to do. If I work hard to cross the single-log bridge, I still choose to go back. I am not reconciled to it. What people fear most is that they are really not reconciled to it.

I have told a lot of lies, some in good faith and some in malice. I have also said that many true feelings are revealed, some of them are heart-to-heart, and some can't help it. I know that you are a liar like me. I know that we are all the same and honest people. Happiness is always too short, the rest of life is so long, in the face of the future of this topic, we do not understand why some people in the world can pin all their expectations for tomorrow on another person.

Chapter 3.

because of this, we always choose the path we want more before each other's crossroads. You want the hometown that I can't go back to, and I want the distance that you can't get to. although there are some regrets, they have not gone against each other's true wishes. It doesn't feel so bad, does it?

there is a lot of pressure at work in big cities. You always advise me to go back to work desperately. I should be wayward. In addition to working overtime at work and after work, sometimes I have to reward myself with a variety of bills. I know, you are actually reminding me, do not forget that did not look back to leave, in order to enjoy the newborn calf is not afraid of that juvenile spirit.

there was a time when I was so confused that I changed several jobs and always doubted myself. You said let's play a game, don't chat with each other for a month, and use a song instead of what you want to say. What a retarded game. I remember the last time you sent me the song "Life is a Marathon" by the tour group . "in the marathon journey of life, my dear desire, my dear timidity, my dear indifference and enthusiasm, I am one after another, connecting in farewell and the future." They sing like this in the headphones.

the other day I listened to Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Choir's "Rainbow" . Later, you said that every time you heard that "I walked through many places, but never came back to my hometown, I kept wandering, autumn night, winter snow, rainbow in the sky" when you thought of me walking under the dim light downstairs.

Chapter 4.

Lin Heping, for seven years, sometimes I think we are all too selfish. Never gave each other a chance to move on. So when you told me you wanted to embrace your new life, I was secretly relieved.Angry. Maybe I am glad that I finally have an aboveboard reason to let you go. The new life you want, actually, I want it, too.


am I writing too sad? stop crying. It's ugly. I'll tell you something happy. I brushed the song two days ago, and suddenly heard the new songs of those two bands. The riddle is so good that I have been trying not to send it to you. I'd like to recommend it to you here. One is "I am so honest" by Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Choir :

the other is :

the tour group's "Singles' Day Shopping Guide" :

these two songs have a clear mind.

bilibili bullet barrage some people say that Tmall's Singles Day this year is to attract girls, ah, the routine is unfathomable.

every year on Singles Day, I used to chop my hands while stuffing my shopping cart. But you told me, the donor quickly put down the butcher's knife and kiss their understanding hands, Tmall Singles Day Global Carnival ah, the carnival is not worthy of their own blood and sweat to make money.

every holiday throughout the year has become a show of love for lovers, and only Singles Day holiday really hurts you.  

Wear stylish christmas evening dresses and display your unique femininity . Pick the best design for you; christmas evening dresses is bringing uniqueness in your wardrobe.

you are so funny. Yeah, actually, you've been teasing me for years.

what was true or false that I could not guess before has now become a touch of moonlight in front of the window. There's no chance. We don't have a chance to move forward.

it's just that I know that life is destined to rub shoulders with a lot of things, lovers, food, clothes, blue sea, blue sky, every movie, every song, whatever it is, just live up to it.

Chapter 5.

I have seen such a fine dusk, and so have you.

at that time, there was someone in my heart, there was light in front of my eyes, and I was not afraid to walk far away.

later, after several ups and downs, inside and outside the dream, I realized that you were the hometown I could not go back to.

people from my hometown, it's a bit of a cliche. just take it as if I only have to say these words word by word before I can wave goodbye to the past. ever since I was a child, you took care of me. Other boys bullied me and liked me. You scared me away. Now we no longer have to worry about each other, the new life hugs you, I also hug you here, I wish you in the coming Singles Day, listening to the Divine Comedy to place an order, chopping hands are also willing to carnival.

all right, stop it. I'll be serious.

Comrade Lin Heping, as for me, I wish you all the best, anywhere and everything.