There are some smells that no one can replace.

There are some smells that no one can replace.

The kitchen has no boundaries because of love.


I wonder if you have a smell that is hard to forget in your memory.

sometimes we don't realize that love actually has taste.

sometimes, not only love makes people cry, but also food.

We even fall in love with someone because of a dish of food, and it's hard to forget someone because of the food.

just like when we were young, after school, we could tell whether our parents were parents or not by the sound of footsteps. Everyone has their own special taste, they are invisible, but they can eat this dish in a foreign country, when this taste, shed tears, "this taste, like what my mother made for me."

what impresses me most is that when I first arrived in Beijing, after an intern interview, I accidentally entered a home-cooked restaurant on the other side of Gaobeidian. That's a small restaurant of Shandong cuisine. You know, it's rare to eat Shandong cuisine in Beijing. I ordered a potato chop and a bowl of rice. I wanted to go to the interview as soon as I finished eating, but after a few bites, I was about to burst into tears. It was exactly the smell of potato ribs that Grandpa cooked for me when I was in junior high school.

I haven't tasted this taste since my grandfather died. Now I want to eat at the Gaobeidian restaurant again after graduation, which is gone.

although I have left my hometown, I can feel the smell in my memory in a foreign country.

some love, confined to the kitchen and taste, has no boundary in memory.


it is said that among foreign students, those who can cook definitely have the highest status among international students.

in fact, both at home and abroad are the same.

the open kitchen abroad is more like a place for gathering, chatting and exchanging feelings.

when three or five friends cook together, they feel more at home, no matter where they come from, no matter what estrangement they once had, in the kitchen, it is the return, that is, the family. All the boundaries have been erased one by one, and love has no boundaries.

there is still a smell in my memory, which is the smell of Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers made by my college roommate.

when we were in college, we lived in the school dormitory.

because I always eat takeout, I always feel like a child without a home.

every once in a while, we always buy some ingredients with several classmates and go to the home of a classmate in Beijing to cook dinner. Her family has a big kitchen, with the dining room, my favorite kitchen should have, perhaps because of love, feel that this space is not only in the kitchen but without boundaries.

there are students from the south and from the north in the class, and everyone makes the flavor from their own family, "this is all taught by my mother,"my grandmother is a delicious cook," and "my father is a cook." this is what we often hear. My roommate Zi Qi is a snack from Dalian. She specializes in Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers, a south shirt from Hangzhou, who can make sweet Coke chicken wings and the smoothness of the dormitory next door. She definitely doesn't want to eat the dessert she makes. Even now graduated, some belong to the memory of the taste, but has not changed.

sometimes, we always think that there are boundaries in the kitchen, but we ignore that the most fiery place is the most fundamental part of love.

this is why if you want to deepen your relationship with someone, you have to eat with him, because your stomach can move your heart.

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Zhao Yinyin said that he wrote an article in International Children's Day a week ago, saying that he used to burn the piano with lanterns because he was too hard to practice when he was a child. When I was a child, when I was forced by my parents to practice piano and take grades, I instantly understood the hardship he was talking about. Not to mention teacher Zhao Yinyin who takes this as his profession. He said that pianist is a lonely profession, but the kitchen has helped him open up the world outside the piano. When performing abroad, I will specially visit the chef friends of the local Michelin restaurant and discuss their cooking skills with them. When I return home at home, I will innovate the delicacies I learned abroad and entertain my family and friends. In the hearts of glutton in Beijing and Shanghai, Zhao Yinyin's family banquet is as famous as the piano he plays.

for him, not only does the kitchen have no boundaries, but it also breaks through the boundaries of life.