There are thousands of friends on Wechat, but there is no one to say about joy and sadness.

There are thousands of friends on Wechat, but there is no one to say about joy and sadness.

Fate is a wonderful thing. The shelf life of a person who has known each other for three years expires in a twinkling of an eye, while a person who has just met for one minute can say such words to him for 10,000 years.

good friend Penghu is a chatty player in moments, who is as quiet as a virgin in the room of the dialog box, and moves like a rabbit in the tall buildings of the moments. It may take as long as a century to reply to a private message. With the mentality that "the other person may have something to do," I scanned the moments for a while and found that it wasn't. I was busy with life in my circle of friends.

this has almost become the physiological reaction of contemporary young and middle-aged people: once anything happens, immediately post a moment, satisfaction lies in watching the number of likes soar, the mood slowly cooled down, your happiness is overwhelmed by the happiness of more people, your pain is covered by the pain of more people, pushed to the next level, to the next level, where there is no sound, no one will remember.

sometimes even myself is no exception. The mobile phone screen cei immediately posted a complaint moments to complain about the situation. After getting the driver's license, I immediately updated the good news to tell the world. After breaking up with my boyfriend, I will see you in moments without talking. This seems to be the first outlet of all emotions. whose attention do I want to attract? Who on earth do I want to tell my mind?

"friends" are more and more, but

can chat less and less.

unread red dots keep popping up in the

list, while  

people who care are slow to reply.

Sublime in their elegance, teenage prom dresses make your appearance regally glittery. Effortless to use and amazing value too.

emotions with no one to talk about,

are gradually told to strangers.

when did this start to happen? I was about to wait for noon to wish Peng Peng a happy birthday. As a result, when the time passed, I excitedly clicked on the dialog box and found that the message of the last chat was three months ago. Happy birthday is finished according to the plan, but then, I don't know where to start, so I swallowed it all at midnight.

A Wu, a lovelorn in "Chongqing Forest", casually found a bar and ran into a female drug trafficker, saying that it was okay to have the effect of alcohol. He didn't say anything to his ex-girlfriend on the phone, all to a woman who was wearing sunglasses and had never met before.

fate is a wonderful thing. For people who have known each other for three years, the shelf life of a short period of three months expires in the twinkling of an eye, while people who have just known each other for one minute can say such words to him for 10,000 years. it seems that people who meet by chance are more likely to reveal they're true feelings, while people who sleep by the pillow day and night can't talk about it.

because no one understands it, I tell the truth to the social network.

lonely people always want to say too much but no one listens. Gradually I learn to shut my mouth, open my eyes, empathize with all kinds of movie stories, laugh and cry, which seems to be the antidote to my loneliness.