There has never been absolute freedom.

There has never been absolute freedom.


for example, you are doing something now.

you don't like it at all or are even bored to death.

but to make ends meet, to make a living,

you have to do this job.

for example, you are doing something you like very much.

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but you can't finish it at the beginning.

so you keep repeating it over and over again,

endless mechanical labor,

and then the love of this thing slowly fades from 100 to 0.

you will wonder if persistence is worth it.

it's like using your favorite song as an alarm.

wakes you up when you sleep best.

you think the song is so bad.

the same is true of work.

I am used to being idle when I go to school.

I feel ill at ease when I sit in the class.

sometimes I admire my elders.

I don't mention the elders who run their own business.

I just say that I have been sitting in the office all my life.

I really should have developed my skills.


when I first got a job after graduating from college, I was like this.

I was like this after sitting in class for a week.


I don't feel free.


so what is freedom?

in Easy Rider,

Billy and White hit the road on their bikes.

their destination is the Carnival in New Orleans.

on the way, they witnessed the free but poor life of the bohemian community.

but the two people who arrived at their destination did not feel happy, there was only endless emptiness, the frustrated two went home, but surprisingly, they died under shotguns.

\ & quot; they keep talking to you about individual freedom,  

but once they see a truly free individual, they become afraid. Quote;

when you are behind bars and trapped in a job that doesn't seem free.

but you have a more stable financial source than freelance.

you know it makes you feel secure and secure.

once you get bored at work and want to leave,

then you start to consider if I don't have the job,

I can make an income every month to keep me alive.

there are too many restrictive factors at the moment. While you are free, you are still trapped by freedom.

envy freelancers, free and easy,

are their time controller, what they do is busy with their own business.

but everyone has their reasons, and everyone will only show others their most decent side.

there is only relative luck, no absolute freedom.

the moment you are free after being restricted, you are free.

after that, you fall into a swamp that looks as dull as water.

when I was watching Morris Dickstein's the Gate of the Garden of Eden by the American literary historian Maurice Dickstein,

I have excerpted the following words:

"growing up is the first time you feel irreparable and irreparable; we realize that every time we take a road, there must be many other ways to go, and many roads will never be taken." The mixed talents of adulthood are always different from the impulsive passions of youth; but the road to experience does not necessarily end in vain and frustration, just as the longing of youth is not necessarily due to innocence and hope. "

people who used to think constantly when they were young, but couldn't get any answers, so they went to wander.

now we don't have to think, countless answers and opinions surround us, so we travel.

I think a lot of people have this idea.

when the time is ripe (usually when the time is rich),

I must be on the road.

but how many people are on the way?

have you experienced the local culture?

if you are not traveling alone and staying there for a long time to learn about the local customs and customs,

is simply on your way, taking a quick look at flowers or taking pictures.

I have been there when I chat.

then you forget it.

the only reason for human unhappiness is that

he doesn't know how to stay quietly in his room.

stay in this city first with the mentality of traveling.

when everything is ready, enough money, time, and experience,

then you can hit the road happily.

you will see a view that people on the road can't see.

well, having said so much, I am still not free.

of course, I'm waiting for my time, too.

become a true freelance photographer.

if you will not be able to enjoy the loneliness of the journey like Edward Hopper,

unlike Flaubert, who has experienced ups and downs and has an incomparably strong yearning for the East,

unlike Alexander von Humboldt,

has the curiosity of scientific inquiry and rich reserves of knowledge.

if you don't have much taste for beauty and art,

then think twice about travel.

maybe take a walk in the bedroom?