There is a memory, I do not want to be absent.

There is a memory, I do not want to be absent.

I remember everything vividly.


my English name is absent.

from the beginning of the name to a trip to Thailand with friends,

there is no shortage of people who will ask why it is called this name.

later, I met an American couple, and they asked me why I was called by that name. I said that because I was always absent from other people's lives, important people and important things, I was always one step short of catching up, but I was always absent from it.

I remember going to Disney when I was in high school. My sister and I spent the Spring Festival in Hong Kong. It took me a long time to wait in line to take a grizzly miner. I missed the fireworks show and the float parade. I was always absent from some things like this, but later I found out that a lot of things. It's because I didn't have to run two more steps to catch up.

later, my sister and I both regretted it a little bit, because Disney was like a place where we grew up. Every time we went, we had to buy a Minnie hat, take pictures with cartoon characters, and always miss some classic projects because of many basic amusement park projects.

at that time, I was thinking that if I could meet the right person in my heart,

I must leave our memories in Disney with him.


some time ago, I especially wanted to go to Disneyland in Shanghai. I saw a lot of online strategies. In addition to looking forward to those popular and popular projects, such as exciting entertainment plus 4D movies, there are also super popular leap horizons and ultra-fast nimbus, many strategies basically pass by projects related to their feelings.

instead, I would like to see the most authentic things of Disney, because the biggest reason why Disney is different from the ordinary amusement park is that it lives in a fairy tale world. If you can really play to the essence, the experience may be very different.

I remember watching Hong Kong movies and Korean movies, girls holding ice cream, wearing goofy hats, braided into twists, and eating cream at the corners of their mouths. Later, waiting for the fireworks display in the evening, the boy was beside him, with a hydrogen balloon tied to his backpack, and was accidentally released. When the girl was angry, a firework rose into the sky, and all romance grew uneasily.

this kind of Disney with sweets, fireworks and hydrogen balloons in summer,

really hope that we can leave the deepest feelings several times a year before we grow old.

Enhance your charm in our satin evening dresses. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.


because I always miss something, and in order to keep this feeling,

so I always have a habit of keeping ticket stubs.

maybe this habit began when I graduated from the third year of high school. When I graduated that year, I went to a lot of places to play, and I began to keep those ticket stubs to remind me of those good days.

later, when I went to college, I began to like to save movie tickets, tickets, from Disney commemorative badges to Quanjude to duck certificates, each of which represents my footsteps.

after graduating from college, I pasted all the ticket stubs all over the wall and took a picture.

is spread out like a memory map, and everything is vivid in my mind.