Things you haven't seen about nudity.

Things you haven't seen about nudity.

From bare ankles to bare breasts

from bare ankles to bare breasts

Summer is coming soon, which means that in the next four months we will inevitably be attacked by bare limbs, exposed abdomen, and visible cleavage. Outdoor coed topless fiction club, a group of semi-naked women in public places have camped out in Central Park and recruited new members. To celebrate the coming nudity in a large number of warm climates, let's look back at the chaotic and sometimes hypocritical history of nudity over the centuries.

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15th century

before the 15th century, semi-nudity was not uncommon among women. By contrast, thigh dancing is even less aboveboard. Breasts were used as a breastfeeding tool from this period to the Renaissance, and sometimes as a symbol of wealth and social status. Paintings of breastfeeding mothers and Notre Dame, inspired by classical Greek style, are all the rage. Agnes Soley, the mistress of Charles VII of France, is famous for her robes with one or two breasts exposed.

in the 19th century

many Aboriginal and Native American tribes do not regard semi-nudity as sexually suggestive. Women are free to expose their breasts in public. In this 1870 photo, two Native Americans in Wichita wear summer clothes. Semi-nudity has only become inappropriate in most jurisdictions-North America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Islands-under the influence of Muslim and Christian expansion and missionaries, in a survey of more than 190 communities, investigators found that nudity and indecency were associated in very few cultures. For centuries across the globe, breasts were no big deal.


in 1900, a woman's swimsuit left only a small area for her skin to be tanned by the sun. The costume consists of long knitwear, tights, and sandals. Australian underwater ballerina Annette Kellerman pictured above was arrested in 1907 for wearing an indecent swimsuit that exposed her thighs, arms, and neck. Because her contemporaries wore swimsuits with belts, cuffs, and collars. It was not until the 1930s that Kellerman's beach style was fully accepted.


Men are not left out by some Puritan nudity standards. At the turn of the century, men were not allowed to expose their breasts while swimming.


in 1910, public exposure of the knee-once considered an indecent joint was fully accepted. The hem of the skirt has been raised, of course, because of the actions of the swimsuit designer.

1920  in the 1920s, "decent" sizes attacked beaches to ensure that women did not expose too much above their legs when wearing swimsuits (only 90 degrees in Florida! ). It is stipulated that the suit is not shorter than six feet above the knee.


in 1934, four men were arrested on Coney Island for being naked and fined $1 each. In 1934 I watched a mainstream movie about a man with his chest exposed. There was a riot when Clark Gable's torso appeared in one Night. Lingerie sellers are said to have suffered because of Gable's bare chest. We are skeptical about this. Men finally won their right to be semi-naked in New York in 1937 in the United States. It is mainly because of the economy, because if the park authorities have to, sometimes they have to provide swimsuits, it will be cheaper to provide only shorts.


on July 5th, 1956, mechanical engineer Louis Reard noticed that women were rolling up their swimsuits to bask in the sun on the beach of St. Tropez when the bikini was born. He decided to make a bikini with only four triangular pieces of cloth and a newspaper pattern. The only model he could find willing to show it was a stripper from a club in Paris. When the bikini came out, it became the talk center of the whole world.


the first semi-naked bikini was made by NYC designer Rudy Gingrich (Rudi Heinrich) in 1964 and was first published in Go See magazine. Gingrich is a swimsuit design avant-garde who won fame with his unique "one-piece bikini". Although the French fashion industry acquiesced in such semi-naked bikinis during this period, they were banned on American beaches.


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in 1986, Rochester Topf Severn (Rochester Topfree Seven) made a historic moment and was quickly arrested for exposing their breasts in a New York park. In 1992, the complaint was appealed and finally dropped.


Rochester Severn paves the way for other naked breasts in New York. It was then that semi-nudity became legal in New York State. It took about five centuries, but topless is no longer inappropriate as long as it is not used for advertising or commercial purposes.


in 2008, Feynman (FEMEN), a Ukrainian feminist protest group, became notorious when they protested about semi-nudity and other social injustices in sex tourism. "bare breasts are our weapon," Feynman said, and they got more media attention when their tops were taken off. Protesters in Egypt and Iran followed suit, shouting out the international problems facing women with semi-nudity.


only 14 states in the United States explicitly state that female semi-nudity is illegal in written materials. The states that do not allow naked breasts are Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Yes, not including Utah.