Think about it again.

Think about it again.

Beautiful things are not without cracks, but are full of cracks, but do not break.

you have no love.

you need company.

so I need you not to leave me for the rest of my life.

get a dog.

-- Ma Weiwei said, "if you don't have love, do you want a divorce?"

Today, I have nothing to do with it. Looking at the "Strange Theory" of a few years ago, the debate topic of one issue is:

No Love, do you want a divorce?

Gao Xiaosong said:

"Life is changing, people will change, and so will love. At this time, can't we give people the right to save themselves?"

We all have the right to save ourselves, but is this self-help a divorce?

History tells us about the beginning of marriage from the trend.

is no longer just "I love you" and "I love you more", but also the responsibility and obligation of filial piety parents to educate their children.

Marriage is for two people to spend the rest of their lives together and build a family together. And in the beauty of building a family, love will inevitably be spent by working life, by firewood, rice, oil, sauce, vinegar tea, your mother's parents, and then uncovering the gorgeous robe of marriage, life is always full of lice.

I have a friend, a divorce lawyer, who has handled more than 400 divorce cases and witnessed marriage change from a seven-year itch to a three-year itch. Every chat with her opens the door to a new world:

-divorce is fine. Give me the diamond ring.

-We also have a roll of toilet paper. Would you like to share it?

-cats can give you betrothal gifts and three gold medals.

when I first got married, I couldn't help kneading each other into my body every time I hugged each other;

for three or five years, it was hard to sleep in the same bed and no longer hugged back to back;

when I was about to get divorced, it was ridiculous to distinguish a roll of toilet paper.

from slowly not talking to each other,

to you talking about you, I think my,

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look at each other's eyes gradually empty,

even impatience is difficult to cause.

the relationship is indeed broken.

Love, for some people, is water to fish,

is the indispensable oxygen of life,

divorce is the persistence of their last piece of pure land.

husband and wife "the relationship is indeed broken" is the legal condition for divorce. Marriage for individuals, such as people drinking water cold and warm self-knowledge. Everyone has a different understanding of marriage, a different definition, and even a different need for love.

A lot of love is not necessarily loving, but candy wrapped in chicken feathers. When the sugar melts out of date, everything inside begins to show, and more love becomes a responsibility, obligation, and indescribable inertia.

A common social circle, each other's parents, and love and responsibility for their children force people to look beyond love for reasons that can help a marriage survive. These reasons have become excuses for binding each other to go on. It's like a road, getting darker and darker, you tell yourself there will be an end, there will be a village to rest, but in fact? You don't know what's at the end of the road.

Marriage is more than just a marriage certificate, nor is it just about signing a divorce agreement. At the moment, some marriages got married on May 20 last year and divorced before Valentine's Day this year. He has been reborn after shouting robbery and crawled out of the grave.

those trapped in the grave are still struggling with the growth of cats, dogs, and children, among which "for the sake of children" has become the reason for most people not to divorce.

but, in the Strange Theory, Zhang Quanling once mentioned:

"Hong Kong has released a data survey on divorce, in which 7000 families were sampled. The final results show that single-parent families do not cause obstacles in children's learning, behavior, and habits.

compared with children with family conflicts,

divorced families appear much happier. "

Marriage is a state, and divorce is also a state. Those who are trapped in marriage because of their children may find another solution. Instead of struggling to maintain their marriage, it is better to find a suitable state and let themselves and the people they care about ggrowup in that comfortable state. Let yourself grow into a tree so that the child can have something to depend on, instead of living like a dandelion, leaving the child with nothing to live on.

there is no love. Do you want a divorce?

this question has never been pointed at by others. The question of drawing feet is right and wrong.

Beautiful things are not without cracks, but full of cracks, but not cracked.

Marriage is not easy, and some people sew and mend for several years. But if in the end, there is no love, there is no reason to go on, I hope you can do a little, be happy.

Oscar Wilde once said:

-what causes divorce?

-- get married.