Think about what you're going to do, not what you can do now.

Think about what you're going to do, not what you can do now.

I want to say something about recruiting new students.

has been asked the same question recently, that is, "Why were you so disorganized at that time?"

but I smile bitterly every time I hear this question, not because I have answered it countless times, but because every time I say my answer, the vision in the questioner's eyes disappears. They tried to hide their disappointment at my answer, either with a wry smile or surprise. Because they ask this question with their expectations, the yearning for "words", and the stereotype of "word workers", they hope that this original intention is pure and can give them strength.

but my answer is so popular and unidealistic: "because I want to make money."

I also wish I was more idealistic at that time. I also thought of fabricating an answer to this question so that it could give people the power to insist on being "impractical" like those chicken soups of the soul. But about this problem, I still want to tell you the truth, my original intention of doing this disorder is really to make money. It's just that at that time, I thought that "making money" was equivalent to "earning living expenses", that is to say, I just wanted to make a thousand yuan a month by being disorganized.

but I know that it takes time to achieve such a goal.

so I used to be a WeChat businessman. When I was a freshman during the summer vacation, my friends and I bought 50 portable WIFI (really not advertisements), which were wholesale on Alibaba for only 11 yuan each. Then I sold them for 18 yuan each. At that time, I printed 100 leaflets of my design, then swept several dormitory buildings and posted them on the campus forum.

I envisioned that each dormitory building has 6 floors, each floor has at least 20 dormitories, and each dormitory has 4-6 computers. In other words, as long as one person in each room is willing to buy my wifi, I can sell 120 of them in a dormitory building.

but the reality is so cruel that as long as you stand in the wrong position, it will slap you in the face. My 50 carry-on WiFi has been sold for a whole academic year, and so far I still have 6 unsold ones in my locker. At that time, I also made a review, is it because I did not do a good job, the copywriting is not good? Poor product quality? Or is my flyer not designed to be attractive enough? Only later did I find out that the real reason had already appeared when I posted it for sale on moments.

A friend left me a message: "now that you can drive WIFI directly on your laptop, why do you still use WIFI 360?"

so my WeChat business career is over. Fortunately, I didn't lose money in the end, because my sister gave me the start-up capital.

after failing to be a WeChat businessman, I learned to keep my feet on the ground and take a part-time job at McDonald's with my girlfriend. 9.2 yuan per hour, 7:00-15:00 in the morning shift and 3:00-11:00 p.m. shift. Three times the salary for the legal holiday, but if you don't go to work usually, the scheduling manager is not willing to schedule your shift on the statutory holiday.

I tried to rush back to the evening shift after class on Friday, then work on Saturday night and morning on Sunday, and then rush back to school after class. I spent about two months of weekends like this, earning 828 yuan a month.

and in the process of being at McDonald's, I wrote several messy articles about my feelings about this part-time job:

the longer I stay at McDonald's, the more I want to escape it. Because I think it's killing my creativity, it divides my time with countless written rules, telling me, "now you should wrap your wings, now you should take inventory, unfreeze chicken wings," and so on. Yeah, it's killing me.

so the more part-time jobs I do, the less I want to rely on these "non-creative" part-time jobs to earn my living expenses because I always feel that my time should not be so cheap. But although my original purpose of messy is to "make money", and I have been writing since the first semester of my sophomore year, I don't think my words were valuable at that time, because I wrote badly. So I have been using other things to exchange money, selling 360WiFi is to brush my friendship with others, McDonald's uses time.

but the two things of WeChat business and part-time business inspire me: when you don't have any work, or when your level hasn't reached a certain level, you can only exchange some existing things for money. Note that it is "changing money", not "making money". If you are not creative, you can only consume the resources you already have. And I know that there is only one ascending channel that belongs to me, that is, chaos.

so even though I had all kinds of part-time jobs in my sophomore year, and sometimes I was too tired to do anything when I got home, I climbed to the computer to record what I thought that day. I don't care whether my writing is good or bad, but I just want to keep writing for an hour or two, because I keep the impulse to write for myself.

some of the main creators I know are exaggerated to write tweets for the day before serving, but I don't want to give you chicken soup, but I want to tell you the importance of continuous creation. Inspiration is not endless, we should master a variety of writing methods, through continuous creation to stimulate our inspiration.

in the same way, this is true of design, this is true of photography, and all work related to creation is the same.

so we need to figure out what we are going to do in the end, not just what we can do now.

for example, if you want to do art content, you should rely on "art", read relevant books, and movies, and even take the initiative to consult relevant practitioners. At the same time, don't care too much about whether what you do at the moment can give you something in return, but try the most when the cost of failure is the lowest. The more you lose, the better, because then you will gain more and more experience.

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try to set a direction for yourself, and the sooner the better, because only in this way can you move forward unswervingly. For example, if you want to be a copywriter, don't spend most of your time on design.

A year ago, the questions asked by outsiders were all about "money": "can you make money by being disorganized?" can you make money by writing?" and "what kind of work do you want to do in the future? do you want to be an official account editor?"

at that time, my answer was: "I'm not sure. Let's do it."

I know the answer. I know that as long as I keep writing, I can certainly support myself with words, but I couldn't prove my prediction at that time. And this society is so strange, often those who do not know you will worry about whether you can support yourself in the future.

and this kind of intervention is the time to test whether you have a long-term vision. If you are short-term, you will give up what you insist on and do something that seems right now but will not help in the future. But if you can take a long-term view and believe in your judgment, you will continue to do what you think is right.

so, ignore them, if they're right, then why don't they live the way you want them to be?

and in the past two years, I think the right thing I have done is: I have always believed that good text is valuable, it is valuable, and I have devoted all my energy and time to it.

recently there has been disorganized recruitment, and many people will add after sending us resumes: "I like writing very much, but I don't have much to write, because I don't know how to write it."

generally speaking, people who express this meaning in their e-mail will be brushed out directly. Because people who like writing, don't ask questions like "I don't know how to write". They just say, "I don't know if my writing style is suitable for the disorder." So if you really "like writing very much" as you say, why don't you try it yourself instead of joining the mess before you start working hard?

also, many people's articles are diaries, because you are all talking about your experiences and feelings, and I hope your works can output really meaningful ideas. Why don't we try it tonight? Send it to our mailbox as soon as you finish it, and we will contact you with good work.

good night.