This is where all the summer secrets start.

This is where all the summer secrets start.

There are so many stars on summer nights. So many that people feel full of secrets. Scattered in the black sky.

at the beginning of summer, it seems that the first thing that comes to mind is the branches and leaves that change from light green to dark green.

as if to resist the hot days that follow, a gradually strong, steady green.


planes always fly across the sky. Sometimes it leaves long track clouds.

after a while, looking up, the plane was gone and the clouds dispersed.

the sky is shining so strongly that it seems to be lighter.


Summer showers will also come, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

the torrential rain stops soon, but the zebra crossing on the road is easy to accumulate water.

when the sun appears behind the gray clouds, clouds and rain-beaten leaves often float in the puddles on the ground.

sometimes I notice this and walk in puddles on purpose.

probably because I can't afford expensive shoes.


I haven't swam, so I don't have any "Ah, good summer" feeling about the pool.

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but one day I went to the zoo and the keeper, who didn't know what he was thinking, raised goldfish in a small swimming pool.

Water wave, goldfish, blue bottom, that's it.

the water ripples, very gentle.

"sure enough, the swimming pool is very summer!" I thought so at once.


there are many metasequoia trees in Shanghai, at least in the area where I live.

I often look up in summer.

you can always see this view out of the window when you go to work.

clouds come and go, and the wind shakes them.


because I am an architect, I often work overtime.

it is very common to get off work late at night when you are busy.

I always see someone eating barbecue by the side of the road, but I don't seem to go there very much.

I went there once last summer, and I also went there a few days ago this year because of overtime work until late at night. The weather has warmed up.

compared to a friend who drank more than half a glass of beer and shouted, "Ah, good to quench my thirst", I can only test it first, and then happily say, "Hey, this is not bitter!" . It's not that you can't drink beer, it's just bitter.

but once a friend added lemon juice to his beer, which seemed to be less bitter at once.

the beer I drank recently is the brand of "Lancang River", which sounds very powerful.

I ate the baked okra for the first time that day. It was not very dry and delicious.


when I was a child, my father would show us the Big Dipper on summer nights.

"that's the spoon!" That's what my dad always said.

this is the only constellation I recognize. Although I really want to know the names of the stars and look at words such as the "Summer Triangle", although I don't know what the scene is, I think it must be very powerful.

there are so many stars on summer nights. If I go home now, I can still see it.

there are so many that people feel full of secrets. Scattered in the black sky.

all the secrets of summer will be there.

the Beginning of Summer's day, all the secrets of summer will begin to set out.