Those important moments in life.

Those important moments in life.

Chen Man has a new work! I have been following the works of this cool woman for nearly ten years since college. Because I majored in photography as an undergraduate, I have always liked Chen Man's works very much, and I admire her for constantly producing new works and inspiration.

when I first came into contact with Chen Man's image style, I felt that she always had a very unique intuition about the use of color. Color is an indispensable element in Chen Man's works. she is good at capturing different colors through sharp observation and expressing a deeper spiritual world with visual elements full of personality.

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Chen Man recently shot 10 sets of blue works for Scotch Whisky brand Johnnie Walker plus Blue Brand. The latest three new works disclosed this time are as attractive as ever. I will put these three groups of works here for you to enjoy:

this work, when I first saw it, I felt that I was going to fall into her blue pupil, which was very attractive. I wanted to find out about her inner soul.

and Chen Man also wants to express through this photo: the eye is the only channel through which light enters the human body, making the soul look deep, but the pupil is also the most honest organ in the human body as if you can see everyone's most primitive id through it. close your eyes and be alone with yourself; open your eyes and live with the world.

this is very much like our state in society. That piece of blue, is the purest sea in our hearts, is the innocence in the depth.

when I look at the second picture, I think of a lot: the state transition between ice and water is only one temperature difference.

A piece of news caught many people's eyes some time ago, saying that the largest glacier on earth has melted to more than two kilometers. What does that mean? The earth is warming. Blue means that our planet, our life, represents gestation, and it also means melting.

it is hidden in this blue, asking questions to our souls all the time:

Blue is the soul of all things.

the ice is melting and the earth is warming.

the blue sky will gradually turn white, and

time will take away the original appearance of the planet.

and what can we do about it?

when I saw the third painting, I pulled away from my anxiety and my inner strength was constantly awakened.

Blue is an undercurrent, it can carry melancholy, but also contains strength in the depth, ready to go. constantly accumulates strength to carry out self-destruction, and in the process of destruction, it is reborn, destroyed, and deconstructed indefinitely. in the burst, life is endless and full of hope.

these "blue" photos are the works of Johnnie Walker plus Blue Brand and Chen Man. This time Chen Man takes the blue card as the inspiration and interprets the depth of "blue" in her eyes with its delicate lens language.

in my opinion, blue contains a lot of things, and Yves Klein also said about the "blue expression" in his work: "Blue expression does not need to be explained. It can evoke the strongest psychic sensation and can be perceived without words."

and there are always a few blue pictures in our lives, with moving stories hidden in them.

this time Johnnie Walker Blue Brand will not only jointly disclose 10 photo blockbusters about blue, but also launch an online campaign. you can upload your works about blue. If your works are selected, you will have the opportunity to show them at the Johnnie Walker plus Blue depth Photography Group Exhibition held in Shanghai TX Huai Hai in July this year.

so far, among the many photos that participated in the event, what touched me most are these two pictures:

A blue picture about a summer night. One is about the back of relatives.

these are two-atmosphere photos full of strong feelings, and they have a strong sense of substitution.

Summer night breeze. We are in the urban jungle, the gentlest moment of the day is the evening, our vision becomes blurred, and everything is added with a gentle dark blue filter.

this reminds me of the evening that belongs to my lover and me when I go out for a walk and go home with half a watermelon. This is the night when the blue wind passes through our hair, smelling like fireworks on earth.

I love every romantic and emotional moment on this blue planet.

the back of my loved ones, this picture appears many times in my dream when I am homesick.

every time we get together and part, it is like a lyric segment in a movie, which is the feeling we brought in the ocean of the blue womb, about our hometown and relatives.