Three brothers of mahjong

Three brothers of mahjong

People who have no hobbies must never make friends with them.


people who have no hobbies must never make friends with them.

this is a sentence that my father often instilled in me, of course, most of the reason he said it was to hide his penchant for playing mahjong. My mother has to do almost everything against my father, except that she agrees with him, because she is also obsessed with mahjong.


I was born in a mahjong family, and mahjong is the most important (and only) emotional bond among family members. Every member of the family takes mahjong as his first hobby.

my grandfather only shows the fatigue of an old man when he is not playing mahjong. He can fall asleep when he sits on the sofa. After falling asleep, he often repeats the action of touching back and hitting out with one hand. When the two hands are pushed together, that is to say, he is fooling around in his dream, and it seems that Grandpa is a master who only wins but does not lose in his dream.

Grandma has a cash box with the word "salary" written on it, which everyone thinks is her retirement salary. However, according to our observation, the amount of miso in her money box rose, which was not the frequency of wages at all. I later learned that it was money won by playing mahjong. Compared with this money, the retirement salary is a small change.

my mom said that for a while my father's dream talk was: touch! Touch it again! Oh, shit, it's not going to happen.

my mother even opened a small mahjong parlor when I was a child. Business in the community was good, and then it closed, because my mother always wanted to go up and scold when she saw that other people were playing so badly that she always wanted to swear and give instructions, one to two, and the poker players were unwilling to come, so the number of people became less and less, and finally they went out of business.

every New year's Day, after the New year's Eve dinner, everyone quickly washed the dishes and chopsticks. My father shouted to the family of more than 20 people, "go to work!" Then someone did magic tricks and generally set up four mahjong tables, two tables in the living room, one table in the dining room and one table on the balcony. The balcony table is a must for men because it is the only smoking area on New year's Eve. Such a family celebrating the New year is much more meaningful than eating dumplings and setting off firecrackers.

and I, because when I was 20 years old, playing Xinjiang mahjong screw beard, in the previous game Huangzhuang, this game climbing doubled the case, hanging alone 60,000, Hu the only luxury seven pairs, thus turning around the whole night of the war situation, was named "sparrow god" by friends.


before I was called the "sparrow god", outside the family, I was only a loser for two people.

the first one is my high school classmate, because he is the eldest of the three of us, so call him "unji". Yao Chicken is a truly beautiful man, three years of high school belongs to the type of both men and women, let us a group of small potatoes out of reach. Yao Ji University was admitted to another place, and after graduation he returned to our small town. His only constant hobby these years is playing mahjong.

the second one is my classmate. Call him Erqian. The second tube also looks good, that is, the person is too simple, simple to Han, EQ is also low. Because of this foolishness, Erqian is straightforward, on the contrary, he has formed a lot of popularity, and he has a particularly good relationship with me. But later, he found a girlfriend that almost everyone didn't like, became a pussy who didn't listen to his girlfriend's words, and gradually drifted away from everyone.

by the way, they call me thirty thousand.

the first acquaintance of the three of us is very dramatic. Er Tou and Yao Ji both liked a girl in the grade and made an appointment for a duel on the playground. At that time, the sports exam took pull-ups, so they agreed that whoever did more pull-ups would be qualified to pursue her, and the loser withdrew voluntarily.

two cylinders are done first, and five are done, which is too bad. I pushed two canisters away and shouted to the young chicken, "he's too weak. I'll take his place!" The young chicken is non-committal. I climbed up the pole, made four and fell off.

A chicken smiled, jumped onto the pole easily, and made nine in one breath, and the second tube and I were dumbfounded.

the duel attracted a lot of onlookers on the playground. I glanced at it. No, the girl was also in the crowd. When Yaoji was proud of winning us, the girl blushed and walked slowly towards Yaoji. Erqian and I complained in our hearts. It was estimated that Yaoji would be able to get her beauty back. Unexpectedly, the girl did not have any expression when she came to Yao Chicken. She walked past him to the horizontal bar, jumped to her feet, and did 12 pull-ups in one breath.

the crowd began to laugh and cheer, and the girl pulled up and gently fell off the horizontal bar like a fairy, looked coldly at the three of us and turned away.

later we learned that the girl was thin and small, but she was on the school sports team.

after that farce duel, the three of us felt a strong sense of frustration and urgently needed to vent our anger. After taking an inventory of the skills of the three people, we found the only sport that all three were good at-playing mahjong.

the skill of cards is endless, heroes and heroes gather around the table.

the card game is like a battlefield, and everyone's character can be seen clearly.

when he plays mahjong, he is fierce and menacing. When touching cards, he seems to take thousands of troops and horses to catch Xiao Bing, and the captured Bing is lovingly used by himself. He plays out loudly and does not hesitate. As soon as he started the war, he already beat us by half in momentum. The disadvantage is that he is too careless and belittles the enemy and often misses contact, otherwise he will be invincible.

by contrast, the second tube is not so public, and its psychological quality is not as good as mine. Every time he listens to the card, he becomes short of breath and the hand that touches the card is shaking. At this time, if we ask him, "Erqian, have you listened to the cards?" He would reply foolishly, "No, it's still early. The youngest hasn't finished yet!" But after a turn, Hu was immediately pushed down, and we said, "didn't you just say you didn't listen to the card?" Why are you so quick? " He just laughed and said nothing.

as a result of this first game, the card I pulled lost, returned to three, and left crying.


high schoolAfter the end of the era, Yao Ji and I both went to college in other places and stayed in the small town.

when we were in college, we really wanted to play mahjong so much that we couldn't find a match, so we played QQ mahjong and then drove YY to hit the target. The target is the native dialect of his hometown, which means that two or three people collude to cheat against the rest of the poker table. Then we won so much that no one played with the three of us.

can't play mahjong, and we don't want to admit that our mahjong era is over, so I suggested in the YY group: let's put our nicknames on the card game as tattoos on our arms, wait for the holiday hometown to get together, show the tattoos, start the card game, and fight several rounds. The eldest brother tattooed a chicken, the second tattooed two tubes, and I tattooed thirty thousand yuan. Three people applauded the case and had the momentum of three meanings.

when I came home that winter, I cheerfully asked them out, stretched my arm forward, rolled up my sleeves, and the word "thirty thousand" was proudly tattooed on my arm. I picked my eyebrows and waited to see their tattoos.

Yaoji had a bitter face: "then I thought about it. I was a big boy with a bird tattooed on his arm. How ugly it is."

the second barrel suffered a bitter face: "then I thought about it. I was a big boy with two eggs tattooed on my arm. How ugly."

I didn't expect to be cheated like this by my brother. I slapped one of them on the back of the head and said, "what a fucking pussy!"

they deliberately released water that night and lost a lot of money to me.

later, I got a girlfriend who accidentally saw the tattoo on my arm and asked me which girl thirty thousand was. I said, "thirty thousand is not a person's name. Isn't that the price of the bag you want? I tattooed it on my arm to remind myself to lock on the target and save enough money to take that bag down for you as soon as possible!" She rubbed my arm like a kitten and held me tighter.

if she knew the true meaning of 30,000, she would probably have to chase me and call Zhongxiao East Road nine times.


near graduation, Erqian found a girlfriend named Meizi in a small town. The plum speaks skillfully and neatly, and is extremely aggressive, which forms a sharp contrast with the second tube. Within a few months, I offended almost all my friends.

unji and I went home for a holiday, and according to the usual practice, we came out to set up the Great Wall at the first time, but we didn't want to, but we were refused because the leader wouldn't let us.

it turns out that Meizi hates playing mahjong most and thinks that we are bad friends (although we are). In this way, the party becomes boring. No matter what we are doing, as long as the plum calls, the second tube will stand at attention, put out its chest and raise its head, and then "Yes, OK", and then turn around and go home as if it had been lowered.

Yaoji and I naturally got used to it and secretly scolded the plum fascists, so for the second barrel's birthday, we gave him a dog leash together.

that fool unexpectedly asked us, "do we have a dog? why did you give me a leash?"

I said, "this is for you!"

he still didn't react, went home foolishly, handed the leash to Meizi and said, "We don't have a dog, so why do they want to give us a leash?". "

the plum pulled over the rope and roared: "this is calling you my dog, you idiot!"

it was only then that I realized that I had not contacted us for a long time.

Erqian and Meizi have been in love with each other for several years. After we graduated, they moved in together.

back home during the holiday for a year, Yaoji and I posted pictures of playing mahjong every day, and then we secretly came to us with plums on our backs. That night we drank a lot of wine, talked nonsense and said we wanted to drink more. So I paid for another 20 bottles, picked up one bottle in two bottles and shouted, "but in the city of Zuofang, I don't remember Gillian being alone every night!" After shouting, I was instantly drunk, and Yaoji and I blinked at a table of wine.

in my personal values, it is extremely unrighteous to evaluate others. Love like Erqian and plum, one is willing to fight, the other is willing to suffer, and everyone is happy. But if a relationship develops to the point where couples have begun to interfere with their freedom, is it right?

We carried the drunken Erqian home and dared not knock at the door-everyone knew that Meizi had to wait until he came home every day, and he was probably waiting inside angrily. While hesitating to throw the drunken two canisters at the door, the door suddenly opened, and the plum looked at us inside the door. Unexpectedly cold, she said bitterly, "come in!"

after settling in two bottles, she poured us a cup of tea for the first time.

"do you know how much I hate you playing mahjong?" As soon as he sat down, Meizi was murderous and asked us directly.

"I know." I speak in unison with the unicorn.

"do you still play secretly when you know? And asked two to play together? Bah! I don't like the name Erqian! "

"I can't help it. I can't help it." Now that I've played less, I've only been back for a few days a year. " I took a peek at her.

"do you know what happens to bad traffic jams? My father gambled more and more because he played mahjong, and finally he couldn't control himself and owed a lot of debt. I can't see where he is every day to avoid debt. My mother quarreled with him every day. Do you know how scared I was when I was a child? After they quarreled, I asked my mother every day before I went to bed if my father would come back in the evening. My mother said no before I dared to sleep. My father hid like this, hiding while continuing to jam, until one day, he never came back. I don't want to be alone, and one day I'll never be able to go home like my father. "

although I know that Meizi's fear is a little unfounded, for a moment I still feel that there were previous doubts about their love model.Unification was eliminated.


after graduating from college, the number of times we met plummeted, let alone playing mahjong.

every holiday I hurried home for a few days, everyone's time is not the same, it is difficult to get together, thinking of the three mahjong brothers in the past, there are quite heroic twilight, sparrows old solemn and stirring.

sometimes there are hallucinations in a trance, the rookie's loud voice is still full of arrogance, and the simple and honest smile is still soaked with a witty snail beard. But they are each driven by the centripetal force of life.

later, because of my work, I decided to settle down in Chengdu. It is said that it is a city where the sound of playing mahjong can be heard before the plane lands. At that time, the whole family moved to Sichuan with me because of some changes. Erqian also moved out of our hometown town, and Meizi opened a small freight company in another nearby city.

cut off the connection with my hometown, and I don't know when we will be together again.

the last time I went back to my hometown to pack my things, Yao Chicken decided to invite me and Erqian to his house when he heard about it.

at first sight, I was surprised to find that he had changed horizontally. His original handsome was submerged by the horizontal flesh flying out of his chin without a trace. Fortunately, I had good quality and high EQ, and tried to suppress my surprise.

after a while, Erqian and plum also came. He glanced at the first chicken and did not complain at all like me. I was surprised that he had become as good as me and had a high EQ. At this time, he slowly took out his glasses, which were taken off because the weather was too cold and foggy in the door. After putting them on, he stared at the rooster and suddenly froze: "Fuck!" Yao Chicken, have you eaten chemical fertilizer in the past two years? "

the plum pounded the second barrel with its elbow, and then sealed the two-barrel mouth with a look.

after dinner, the three of us tacitly looked at the mahjong in the corner of Yiji's house, thinking that the three brothers would make the last four laps before they left, but they regretfully wanted to give up because of the lewdness and lack of one of the plums. Unexpectedly, Meizi saw our thoughts and said, "if you want to fight, fight!" I'll fight with you! "

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"can you also play mahjong?!" Yaoji and I asked questions at the same time.

"I'm kidding. I grew up at my dad's poker table."

it is agreed to play four laps and rub until dawn. When I was ready to leave the next day, Yaoji and Erqian took me to the station. When I got on the bus, I saw them, rolled up their sleeves and waved to me. I squinted and saw a black pattern on their arms.