To love you is to be your brother.

To love you is to be your brother.

This is the best company.


all the company associated with you,

makes me more like your brother.

I remember something very clearly and felt very well, because at that time, I thought that I might not be able to do so in the way I loved someone, so I felt that some love might be more interesting because of many factors such as friendship and family.

I said this when I was in college.

the girl next door to study acting, in addition to having morning classes and practicing physique during the day, she spends a certain amount of time playing Warcraft online with her boyfriend at night, who is in the same class with her.

that girl dares to love and hate. She says that if I love someone, I want to be his brother.

I always go to their dormitory to play, and many times I can see her eating cucumbers and fighting Warcraft. After she beat the night elf to full level, she opened another orc, which is completely different from her thin and lively image, which, in her words, can help my boyfriend. I don't understand these games. I just think that if a girl squeezes time through her teeth in order to have a common language with the person she likes, it is enough to show that it is really emotional.

at that time, her boyfriend told her that we were brothers, no brothers, no Warcraft. To others, boys always say, our girlfriend, is my best brother, but also my dearest family. On weekdays, they go out in pairs, and they are both very good-looking and exquisite. Now that they have graduated for one year and they have been together for five years, everything has a natural tacit understanding.


Model couples always bring their own halo.

compared with many people blaming each other, "being his brother" seems to be the best companion.

where I used to work, there was a small girl who was a classmate of high school with her boyfriend. She was admitted to Beijing together and stayed in Beijing to work hard together after graduation. At 1.6 meters, she can always grab the basketball from her boyfriend. Now I am busy at work, and I still have to play basketball with my boyfriend every night.

what you don't know is that she used to be not a person who is good at sports, but rather a nerd.

in order to find a common hobby with her boyfriend, she decided to create her own hobby, not only basketball, but also a lot of balls she didn't know how to learn in private, and then told her boyfriend that the next time she played, remember to call me.

if a person's time of the day can be divided into small pieces,

then how much will you save for the person you like?


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it is hard to imagine that the way one person falls in love with another is not to see if we have anything in common, but as long as I love you, this inevitable condition is true. Other additional conditions will be adjusted according to love.

for example, I will try hobbies and areas that I have never covered for you;

for example, to be your lover, to be your brother first.

to be the best partner actually requires a lot of common hobbies, and these common hobbies of the same language can be found by themselves to learn, or even to generate a common language.

what one person pays for another is to become the other's inseparable playmate.

there is a tacit understanding that we can be bored at home, but we are definitely not sloppy when we leave home, and enjoy our lazy days together like family members when we get home.

the so-called halo is mutual support and respect.

is also when meeting others, let the people who see themselves feel that the couple is fresh and clean, make people want to bless and like the model couple, a healthy image, this is the best halo for both of them.