To please yourself, but also to please yourself.

To please yourself, but also to please yourself.


I have imagined a thousand escapes,

about wandering rivers and barren deserts in my dreams.

most of the time I squat on the shore,

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watch the white clouds float by in the sky, and finally reach the depths of the night at the same time in the same position.

in my dream, I seemed to be free.

I crossed the desert and flew on the sea.

but every time I wake up, I'm still bound by life.

it's like climbing into life from a self-paralyzing movie.

I think no matter how old I am, I always yearn for freedom.

I don't know how you usually dress.

I don't like fancy colors and bright clothes.

Clean and comfortable is my favorite way to dress.

clothes designed for women in the old days

are mainly sexy.

the clothes of the Tang Dynasty highlight women's breasts;

medieval European girdle, accompanied by towering skirt hoops;

tall cheongsam, reflecting the concavity and convexity of women;

women are pleasing to themselves,

all kinds of cosmetics and clothes,

are all to make themselves more beautiful.

Miss Chanel opens up the gender-neutral beauty of women.

Girls want to live like boys.

wearing loose clothes, it is still elegant and full of temptation.

so the most important thing for girls is temperament.

even if you pick up pliers to fix the plumbing, you are an attractive girl.

Girls must be financially independent,

have their careers and things they like to do.

when you are not dependent on anyone,

you are free.

this kind of woman can have a more deadly charm than a pretentious woman.

because she is full of independence and freedom, you can't control it.

Women don't have to be vassals of men.

I am not a feminist,

but I think women can be on an equal footing with men.

this means that she doesn't have to wait on men or revolve around them.

secondly, the most important thing is to have independent thoughts.

this means that she can express her opinions on some public affairs.

so she will not worship or look up at men.

she can travel alone and do what she thinks is right.

you don't have to care about sitting posture.

you have to be careful when you don't have to eat in front of men.

many girls eat rice with their hands and look tired for her.

who you are is very important. If someone loves you,

it means to love all of you, who you are, who you are without makeup.

I don't want to be bound and bound.

take off the decorations on your head and tie up your hair with a simple black collar.

it's more convenient if you have short hair.

Let them bounce in the air and OK.

take off your tights,

put on comfortable GU wide-legged pants and baggy top,

put on your Oxford shoes,

put on lipstick, step on your bag,

give yourself a big smile in the mirror, and then go.

you will find that simple costumes are the most magnificent.

you don't have to show your waist, your chest, and buttocks to anyone.

your body is in a loose gap.

the wind makes you feel free.

bound and comfortable, only one suit of clothes is needed.

A woman should not only please herself but also please herself.