Watch out ahead.

Watch out ahead.

If you are sincere, you will run out of sincerity.


Lai Lai and Brother Yong have been yelling at each other for almost two hours in front of all their relatives and friends. From the reason why they quarreled for the first time in the early days of their relationship to the day before yesterday when Brother Yong saw Riley leaning on the shoulder of a strange man. 'don't think I don't know about your flowers and plants, 'said Riley. Brother Yong said Riley had been married for five years. Did you put your heart into this family or not?

to be honest, I don't know what the so-called "family and friend judgment meeting" really wants. No matter how close we are, we are all outsiders in other people's love lives. In this dispute, who is at fault first and whose mistake is bigger, the parties have their own opinions, and the spectators are reluctant to say anything.

Riley's red-faced quarrel reminds me of several years ago, in the same room when they announced the good news to everyone with their marriage licenses in unison. At that time, Riley's face was as red as it is now, but the delicacy of happiness at that time became the angry rebuke of swords.

even though they are at odds with each other now, they can be as greasy and crooked as they can be when they are passionately in love. Brother Yong was only secretly in love with Lai Lai at first. Lai Lai was an untouchable fairy in the eyes of Brother Yong. Just a look from a distance was enough to make Brother Yong get goosebumps. If Riley opened his mouth, Brother Yong would be completely weak. Brother Yong's brothers all say that Brother Yong is simply a disgrace to men, and they can't hide if they like it. Brother Yong always said that tomorrow, tomorrow, Lailai must come out to express his love. But Brother Yong's tomorrow seems to stay in the imagination forever. On the contrary, Riley lost his temper and stopped Brother Yong and said, "I know you like me. If you like me, don't pick a date. If we are together now, if you don't want to be with me, then you don't have to like me anymore."

look at Lai Lai's pie. Brother Yong was dumbfounded at that time. He didn't know what to say, so he giggled and nodded.

Brother Yong spoils Lai Lai especially. He has spoiled her since he was in love. Once even Lai Lai's mother couldn't watch her anymore, saying that you can no longer spoil her. She is so grown up and wants to be a mother in the future. It's time to change your temper.


Lai Lai is not a lawless person who relies on Brother Yong to spoil her. Others may not know it, but Brother Yong knows it very well. Although Lai Lai has a bigger temper, he never says anything bad about Brother Yong. Every time he loses his temper, he gives Brother Yong enough steps to coax her. When they got married, Riley gave the dowry and all her savings to Brother Yong. She said, husband, quit your present job and take it to do what you want to do. I don't want to see you coming home from work every day.

when it comes to true feelings, whether it is Lai Lai or Brother Yong, neither of them will give less than the other. We all feel how sweet the happy candy is.

but it seems that not everyone can have a full moon and a full heart all the time. Dark clouds quietly hanging over the head, what is the harbinger of heavy rain coming? Lailai thought Brother Yong thought, they looked for a circle in the memory and did not find out which warning sign in front of them had been ignored, so they came to such a point of complaining to each other.

is it the wine glass that Brother Yong couldn't help smashing at Lai Lai? did Lai Lai struggle or secretly check his cell phone for the first time while Brother Yong took a shower? Or, when Brother Yong parked his car downstairs, he realized for the first time that he wanted to hide in the car for a while rather than go home and have a meal with Riley. Or that time Lai Lai angrily bought a plane ticket and went to Sanya with his best friend for half a month and refused to answer the phone and refused to go home?

I don't know, I don't know. Maybe there is no "beware ahead" message before danger, accident, and boredom come. Every way of love may be an accident-prone area, with water on the road at any time and rockfall at the top of the mountain.

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by the time I came to my senses, Riley and Brother Yong had stopped quarreling. Brother Yong clenched his fist, and the wedding ring on his hand was getting smaller and smaller because of the taut strength. Riley's eyes were red, his tears dry on his cheeks, as deep and shallow as a stream.

the atmosphere seems to be solidifying, and everyone's face is written with the hope of breaking the deadlock. Brother Yong thought to himself that it might be calm tomorrow. But he doesn't know if this idea can come true. In the end, Lai Lai couldn't bear to look into Brother Yong's eyes, a little sad and relaxed, "I know you're tired, and so am I. then don't pick a date. I might as well move back home for a while today. When we don't quarrel as soon as we talk like this, we'll think about whether we want to stay together or not."

Brother Yong didn't know what to say after hearing this, so he nodded.

the night Riley moved out, Brother Yong found out the video of their wedding day.

Brother Yong is sitting on the sofa and doesn't know who he is talking to.

he said, you see, at the wedding, how could the two people who exchanged their hearts for their hearts could have imagined that sincerity would also be exhausted.