We all forgot to say goodbye.

We all forgot to say goodbye.

Hey, are you all right? Hi, I miss you so much. Hi, happy birthday.

what do you regret most when you are separated from him?

what I regret most is that I didn't say goodbye properly at that time.

the above is a question asked by a friend and my answer.

for some unknown reason, many relationships end inexplicably. People have to ask, "how are things with him these days?" It takes a long time to suddenly say, "Oh, we haven't seen each other for a long time." "Oh, we don't get in touch anymore." "Oh, we broke up."

what is the exact moment? I no longer care about each other and entangle each other. I don't remember that moment at all. When I realize this, I will regret not saying goodbye properly at that time.

unlike a good start, the differences are rarely remembered. We will not deliberately remember which day is the anniversary of the breakup, the day when we begin to forget each other's little habits, and the day when we start to hesitate to hear his name before answering. Because during that period of time when it began to blur, every day seemed to say goodbye.

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We always like to describe the state we have reached at last. We like to say that we have finally finished school, finally moved, finally graduated, and finally ended. It seems that every farewell behavior is a kind of relief. when we try to look back on the relationship that finally came to an end, we search in our memories, only to find that there is no moment left to say goodbye.

when we didn't care, parting came quietly.

maybe we were quarrelling, quarrelling over a small detail and even beating and kicking; maybe we were busy with each other at that time, gradually forgetting the traces of each other's existence in our lives; maybe at that time we were taking trains in the opposite direction, and in the countdown to the closing of the train doors, we lost the news from each other in the shouting voice.


when we didn't care, no one said goodbye properly.


We are always afraid to say farewell words, even if we keep quarreling, accusing each other of wrongdoing, and using the Cold War to swear sovereignty, but we always refuse to say goodbye. We are afraid to say goodbye, and we will never see each other again.

 when watching July and Anson, there are two scenes:  

Ansheng said to Jia Ming: don't say goodbye, or you will really see you again.

Anson said to July: if you want me to stay, I'll stay.

 A friend of mine, a foreign student, heard that his grandmother was seriously ill near the end of term, and his parents urged him to return home first. But at that time, his schoolwork was so busy that there was a small exam almost every two days. He thought about it and decided to go home after the final exam. Later, when he finished the exam and opened his cell phone to get ready to send a message at home, he saw the news from home. Grandma had already left.

he said that what he regrets most is that he didn't have the chance to see his grandmother for the last time, to say goodbye or to say peace again.

  one day, we will have no chance to contact each other, we will no longer have the right to love each other, we will keep adding new things, new friends and new stories, we will be farther and farther away, and we can only miss them secretly from afar. We still have a lot to say, want to talk about recent events, want to ask how are you doing recently, want to tell each other to remember, our anniversary is in a month's time.

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