We are stronger than we thought.

We are stronger than we thought.


tell yourself not to be afraid and let fear fly away.

you can gain the ability to walk alone in the dark.

until the day when you see the light.

talking to a friend of mine yesterday, we have known each other for more than ten years.

she went to study in Canada several years ago.

she told me about being alone in Canada.

speaking, several of my friends who are very close to each other are not in China.

some of them left the country early and started a new life abroad by themselves.

I have heard all kinds of complaints from them, and although they are doing well now, it is not easy for themselves.

after all, I won't stay in a foreign country for a long time, which is why I didn't choose to go abroad before.

I am afraid of even walking at night.

Rest makes me bright in the room.

I, whose back must be close to the bed before I have sense of security,

it is impossible for me to start a new life alone in a foreign country and an unfamiliar language environment.

later she told me that when she first arrived in Canada,

did not have the vision of studying abroad.

it's a bit silly to just get off the plane.

I found a place to live in clumsy English conversation.

but the beginning of school is another problem.

problems tend to follow when you are most powerless, and

troubles always come to you when you are weakest.

but this is her ninth year in Canada.

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everything is going well, but she is still lonely.

how to define loneliness? I told her that on the subway in Beijing, everyone was holding their cell phones, alone exploding between one icon and another, subconsciously brushing their phones, and there were so many boring messages, but they didn't know what they were looking at. What I really care about, I don't have the time and energy to see it.

she says it's the same in Canada.

loneliness sometimes gives people strength.

We are stronger than we think.

sometimes I find a gap that I felt insurmountable a few years ago.

Today it looks like a smelly ditch that can be easily crossed.

every time you cry and feel that it is difficult to solve a problem,

in fact, you can disappear as soon as you close your eyes and open your eyes.

it's just that we can't take it easy at the moment.

sometimes I will be very scared.

but what should I do? every day goes by.

evasion can't solve any problem.

listen to music when you are stressed. Music is very healing.

empty your head when you are afraid of the dark. Fear is a figment of your own imagination.

wrap yourself in a quilt when you lack sense of security.