Weird smell | Chinese steampunk

Weird smell | Chinese steampunk

On November 18, 2014, the 13th issue of Steampunk first shares a small animation of steampunk. Please watch Tuhao's casual steampunk S on WIFI.

November 18, 2014

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issue 13

Steampunk  Steampunk

first, share a small animation of steampunk

Please watch




Steampunk is a compound word made up of steam and punk. Steam naturally represents a large machine powered by steam. Punk is a kind of non-mainstream marginal culture, which is written in street dialogue. its significance lies in the independence of the style of the subject matter, not anti-sociality. Steampunk works often rely on certain hypothetical new technologies, such as new energy, new machinery, new materials, new means of transportation, etc., to show an elevated worldview parallel to the western world in the 19th century, and strive to create its fictional and nostalgic features.

Steampunk is a kind of early technology that focuses on those industrial revolutions. against the background of the Victorian era, it builds a surreal world of science and technology, expanding the power of steam infinitely and imagining an era in which steam power is supreme. The setting of this strong and magical color is naturally welcomed by animation and game makers. More famous ones, such as "Sky City" and "Hal's Mobile Castle"

steampunk is being recognized by mainstream culture, and its influence has gradually penetrated many aspects of social life, especially in the entertainment industry. Steampunk has formed its unique characteristics after more than ten years of development. Like other subcultures, steampunk shows its unique and diverse forms of expression.

Advanced and backward coexist. Some are in a car, while others are in a horse-drawn carriage.

Magic and science coexist. Some people are driving robots to fight, and some people are using magic.

there is always a perfect settlement or city like Utopia. Or the characters fight for moral and spiritual Utopia.

A modern metropolis has emerged, typical of London, with wooden spires and pebble roads.

imaginative means of transportation, including airplanes, airships, cars, trains, ships, and submarines, represented by airships.

A variety of energy sources coexist, including coal, oil, and wind power. Electricity has become another new energy source, but there are also overhead energy sources.

The propeller, gear, piston, and bearing are widely used in machinery, and all tend to be large.

large robots that can ride appear. From airplanes to fighter planes, robots have been used in the military.

the atmosphere of steampunk is positive and completely incompatible with the decadence and antisocial that punk represents.

the four big pieces of an English gentleman, a tuxedo, top hat, crutches, and pocket watches, often appear in steampunk.

the image design of heroes comes from F1 drivers in the 1960s, all of whom have superb skills in driving machines.

Today, I would like to share with you a group of steampunk works from foreign illustrators with Chinese Manchu style as picture books

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