Well, you're not used to my bad temper.

Well, you're not used to my bad temper.

Maybe if we quarreled this time, we can get better.

yesterday, Xiao C quarreled with her boyfriend.

she came to me crying and showed me the message her boyfriend sent her. In the text message, the boy criticized her for a series of wrongs, saying that she was delicate, that she had a princess temper, that she was picky and difficult to handle, and finally told her, "No one will like a girl with a temper like you."

she whispered in a choked voice, "in the past, he said I was cute."

I have known Xiao C for a long time. She is a very young girl with good family conditions, so she doesn't have much ambition for the future. She likes to dress up every day, study all kinds of delicious and beautiful recipes online, she likes to make desserts, and she has a whole set of dessert tools at home.

she is careless and fiery. If she feels tired and tired, she will lose her temper.

some friends complain about her temper, but I can see that her character is completely spoiled by her boyfriend. Around her boyfriend, she is like a child, full of a sense of security, so she can do a lot of things so unscrupulously.

when I was watching "the first half of my Life" recently, I kept complaining to my friends on Wechat, "that Luo Zijun is so delicate."

tired of her harsh voice every time she comes out, tired of her unreasonable aggressiveness, tired of her inquiring questions, I even think that if I were Chen Junsheng, I would have filed for divorce early.

later, when I saw the episode of Chen Junsheng and her divorce, she said to her mother and sister, "he said he would support me."I also did a good job in a foreign company, and he said he would support me for the rest of my life." I suddenly knew that Luo Zijun's work and the princess's temper, which I had always been bored with, were all because she had already been spoiled by the other party in the previous relationship.

if it were not for the later distractions of the show, Chen Junsheng had an affair, I would say that, like Luo Zijun, he could lose his temper regardless of his temper, occupy the highest point of the dispute like a little princess, and be fearless to find a young girl to theorize. It is very enviable. Because behind these actions, there is a person who is willing to protect you unreservedly.

M married a brother who is 10 years older than her and is a friend of the family. She has a stable career and is kind-hearted. When I saw M again, she was in good shape to fly.

I asked her if there was anything good recently and why she looked so refreshed. She bowed her head and smiled. "A lot of people say that, probably because my husband spoils me, like a daughter."

M I fell in love several times when I was in college, but I didn't always get along with each other. There was a boyfriend who loved playing games so much that he was still playing ranked with his friends two nights before the end of his graduation thesis. M was cooking midnight snacks for him at his house. He was scolded for accidentally spilling a little hot soup on his feet.

at that time, M felt very aggrieved, so he thought of everything. He dared not send it out when he was in a mood, did not dare to cry when he was sad, and felt that life was getting more and more boring.

"now I know that the state of loving and being loved should not be like this," M said. "loving and being loved should be very happy, and two people will get better and better, not worse."


to tell you the truth, it is a very sweet thing to have a little temper and a little emotion in a relationship, as long as you control the degree well. It is common for two people to quarrel with each other when they get along with each other. If they quarrel and makeup again, they may be able to understand and understand each other better.

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A relationship is a process of constant acceptance. No two people are suitable in the first place, and every relationship needs to go through constant running-in and compromise.

I indeed have a little mood, but I love you so much.

when I am by your side, I feel very happy, feel very happy, and feel that you will never leave me, so I dare to lose my temper.

the maintenance of a relationship requires the joint efforts of two people, which can not be achieved by one person's unilateral efforts.

maybe if we quarreled this time, we can get better.

because I love you, and you love me.