We're done here.

We're done here.

Do two people just need to like each other when they are together? In fact, it still needs a suitable time to fall in love. People and people all have their own order of appearance. I'm just not lucky enough to meet you at the right time.

A question I saw on Zhihu before:

people who like each other know it's impossible to get results, so do they want to be together?

there are two answers, and I saved them with screenshots. One is that I am more afraid of "I never had you" than "I finally lost you". I will recall our happiness together without you, rather than regret not being together after death. Another said: if you like now, please cherish the only time, because the last together may not be what you like, no matter what goes to the end, love the tenderness one day.

A friend of mine broke up recently, and the girl told me, "it's not that I don't love it, it's just inappropriate. Maybe neither of them is mature enough to get to this end." Later, in her moments, I saw a message from her:

do two people just need to like each other? In fact, it still needs a suitable time to fall in love. People and people all have their own order of appearance. I'm just not lucky enough to meet you at the right time.

if I could meet you later, would everything be different? I think of a story about another friend of mine. Cai and his girlfriend met each other when they were 15 or 16 years old, and they began to date when they were 15 or 16 years old. At that time, both of them were very young and rebellious. At that age when adults forbade puppy love, they committed crimes against the wind, and their friends envied their courage.

this relationship went from the youngest age to the graduation of college. All the friends on both sides knew their stories, and their parents acquiesced in their future. In everyone's optimistic attention, they broke up with each other.

for seven years, I talked about love as kinship, and I no longer felt like I was moved by it. Xiao Cai said, "if I met her at this age, I would certainly marry her, but we met too early, a lot of things have gone bad."

I wish I could meet you later instead of trying to have a future with you when I'm not sure of myself. maybe I need to stumble in other people's feelings first, suffer some grievances, throw away some of my hostility and pride, maybe I can be more mature and understand how to get along with each other, and then I may be able to walk with you for a longer time.

those who have promised things about the future have failed to defeat anything. I still have expectations. I can plan the future with you, but I know that you will talk to others about these things in the future: your future work, your place to live, having a few children, and when you can buy a house together.

I didn't know whether it was good or bad to know you now. I was afraid that I would regret being with you now. But I still chose to do that, as the reply in Zhihu said, "No matter what comes to the end, love is gentle one day." But at that time, I was still vaguely looking forward to it, maybe now is the best time? I still want to be able to walk to the white end with you one day.

I also try to recall those good moments, but no matter how happy I am in the past, I still look so hideous. I am so skinny and exhausted, but I can't find any fulcrum that can hold up. It seems that after you left, you took half of my soul. I really sometimes wonder if if I could meet you later, the result would be different.

A lot of people say that the time it takes to meet someone is very important, whether you know him or him first, whether you fall in love with him or him first, and whether the people around you are him or him. These seemingly innocuous orders really point to a variety of different futures.

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maybe our story has reached the last page of the screenplay, , you don't have to worry about me, I have a good time with myself, so the result is not bad.