What I can't change is my maiden heart.

What I can't change is my maiden heart.


in the days when there is a lack of romance,

which girl doesn't want to be the heroine of Korean TV series?

it's really hard to keep a girl's heart.

when you are still a girl, you can't meet the one you like best.

it's not the best time to meet the one you like.

is no longer the age of a girl. If you meet someone you like, if you still have a girl's heart, you will always be said to be pretending to be young.

but what can I do? you didn't show up earlier.

Hou Xiaoxian said:

"after all the time has been disappointed and wasted,

can you pick up a certain period from memory,

pat the dust deposited on it,

sigh that it is the best time."

Pamuk said,

"When I was getting old, I didn't know myself at that time.

that was the best time of my life when I was with her."

what is the best time? it is always thought to be before the age of 25.

the heart of a young girl can be maintained at any time, regardless of age.

what you liked when you were young grows with you.

just as you will always be a child in the eyes of your parents,

in the eyes of the person you like, you are still the way you just met.

A lover can treat you as before no matter how long it takes.

you are still the little girl you were when you met in his eyes.

A really good love, or when you face the person you like,

your girlish heart comes.

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for a time, I especially fantasized that I was the heroine in Korean TV dramas.

although there is a difference between reality and South Korean TV dramas,

it doesn't prevent me from having some nervous little pictures in my head,

every time I watch Korean TV dramas, I wish I was the heroine.

and I pay special attention to the hands and eyes of boys.

if the fingers are long and clean,

eyes will not look in any other direction when they look at you.

boys with these two characteristics will not be so bad.

for example, when I was watching doctor strangers,

Park Haizhen stared at the female master, which simply made my deer jump wildly.

if Park Hae-jin looked at me like that, I might blush until I burst,

or directly bear hug, ha.

is to make up for the brain, ah, when you see a handsome guy, you will go straight to the heart of a girl, um, this is the status quo.

I am 23 years old, past the age of watching handsome guys in secret love play basketball and hand them water on the playground.

however, I can still talk with my good friends about my favorite actor in Korean TV series.

I don't want to be full of power all the time.

change the light bulb and fix the plumbing by myself.

I also want someone to make me laugh when I'm unhappy.

I have shoulders to lean on when I'm weak.

I don't want to eat noodles alone in the restaurant and pick out a few lucky cilantro, but you sit opposite me and pick up food for me.

I don't want to hold back when I cry, but I want to laugh with you.

my life without you makes me a strong girl, but I don't want to be a strong girl.

I also want to be delicate. Everything can be solved by being spoiled to you.

but I can only eat potato chips and watch Korean TV dramas carrying heavy couriers upstairs.

so hurry up.

my maiden heart is waiting for you (shy face).

of course, with or without a boyfriend,

what girls can never stop is admiring a handsome guy's obsession.

every time I see a beautiful and handsome boy, my best friend and I react.