What I did to him, maybe I didn't do it to you anymore.

What I did to him, maybe I didn't do it to you anymore.

When many people fall in love, they like to secretly compare themselves with their ex, what he has done for her, what she has done for him, why they have not done to me any more, whether they no longer like me, or if they do not love me so much.

I saw such a story in which boy A talked about a girlfriend BJI An and felt that B was always cold to him and responded without enthusiasm every time he wanted to share something with B. He tossed around a lot of friends and asked about B's previous love story. he knew that B had a long relationship. The girl gave up admission to a key school in the city for the sake of her boyfriend at that time and followed her boyfriend to a strange place. When A thinks of being with B, if B has something to do the next day, he won't say anything to himself the day before.

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B is not bad for A, B is good for A, and almost looks like a perfect girlfriend. It's just that An often thinks that B is willing to give up his studies for the sake of the one he loves deeply, and he feels aggrieved. Even so, he can't find the right words to say to B, so he has to vent his temper on other innocuous things. A said, "she probably doesn't love me that much, and what she did to him would never do to me."

many people say that if you really like someone, you should be a little silly and stupid. Many people say that deep love should be the abandonment of all reason, the emotion that cannot be suppressed, and the state of mind to worry about gain and loss.

there are always people who wonder, "does he love his ex-girlfriend more?" "how can I compare with her ex-boyfriend?" People always torture themselves in this way, and then allow themselves to fall into this strange whirlpool of comparison and heartache.


you are so afraid that the person around you is measuring your condition, and that he or she is thinking about the real stakes when he or she is with you. everyone wants to love, even with some crazy love, so you start to suspect and compare, and since then the relationship has deviated from the track in the first place.

and you just forgot that when you confessed, the reason you said was, "because I like you."

I used to do a lot of things to him. I brought snacks to the boy I liked in primary school. When I had a crush on an upperclassman in junior high school, I would make a special detour to their class just to see him. When I fell in love with him for the first time in college, I waited for him downstairs for two hours because he was busy.

these things are all about love, and they are all things that I was willing to do for him when I was in love at that time. When I was young, I always felt that love was everything in life, because it was too comfortable at that time, and the most annoying thing was that the homework to be handed in tomorrow had not been finished and the exam had not been reviewed.

at that time, I thought it was great to like someone. I learned the routines in TV and romance novels, and thought that love should be hysterical, and that there should be countless misunderstandings, quarrels and cold war. I should swear to heaven and earth that I will love you for a lifetime, enjoy moving each other and move myself by the way.


when many people fall in love, they like to secretly compare themselves with their ex, what he has done for her, what she has done for him, why he has not done to me again, whether he doesn't like me, or if he doesn't love me so much.

Dear Blackie, when I chose to be with you, I put you into my future. Love to a certain age, in fact, no longer need those gorgeous words to package, I just want to entrust all my soft, gentle, non-belligerent parts to you.

those things that have been done to him may not be done to anyone again. It is not that I will not like anyone as much as I like him. I have never given up love. I want to have a more secure future with you. I no longer need to prove how much I have to pay, and I don't have to make exaggerated promises.

I just want you to live in my simple world,

We are in the most common relationship.

the future is as pure as it started.

but even when I love you, you love me.