What is a sensible girl like?

What is a sensible girl like?

This kind of sensible, really do not worry about the future, do not worry about the past, wholeheartedly read the scriptures in their hands, love the current lovers enough.

1 I have known Lao Su for six years and have written some stories about her. At first, I thought she was stupid and had nothing to do with being sensible. Of course, the stupidity I am referring to is not a matter of IQ, but a question of EQ. She seems never to be on guard against everything and the people around her. In addition to stuffing money to beggars who sell songs on the subway, she can also understand that others cut in line and tolerate couriers asking her to go downstairs to pick up parts and accept tasks assigned by leaders without a bottom line. I asked her why she could tolerate others cutting in line. She said, only once or twice, who is not in a hurry to cut in line? I asked her, the delivery boy's job is to deliver goods to the door, why not let him go upstairs? She argued that it was already on the doorstep of the house downstairs, and what else she wanted. What about how many tasks are assigned to you by the leader? I always thought this was the most frustrating thing. Oh, when she's done, she won't be staring at me all the time, so I can go to Taobao with peace of mind. She said so easily. From the beginning of my acquaintance with Lao Su, I have been warning her that you will suffer sooner or later. Sometimes I even scold her like a cynic: maybe one day those people will be spoiled by you and make it worse for you. "Don't worry, girl. I've always been lucky!" Often like this, she would stick out her tongue and laugh it off. Shuttling back and forth among pedestrians every day, but never paying attention to the actions of pedestrians, she walked easily among the crowd, strange or familiar, like a little soldier with a shield on. She exposed her weakness to the crowd, but no one could hurt her.

2 to be honest, I often have a super abnormal idea that she might know better if I want to make old Sue suffer. But to my disappointment, to this day, she is smiling and standing in front of me intact. Every time I ask her why she has nothing to lose, she still laughs: lucky, girl, I've told you ten thousand times! Watching her grow up presumptuously, in career, in love. I felt inexplicable disobedience. This disobedience is a byword for incomprehension. In life, we and other mortals have to endure thousands of stumbles to live a safe life. And you, with no effort, can avoid the doom of the world? This kind of confusion has been held back until a karaoke. With the strength of the drink, I asked her, "does a girl like you have a big heart and a small chest?" "your sister, why do you want to add small breasts?" Looking down at her chest, she said, "it's really small." No matter the heart is big and the heart is small, there is still trouble. " For example, I asked. My mother is ill, she said. Although I had had some wine, I could feel that I must have asked something I shouldn't have asked. The spotlight of the room seemed to gather on her and me, and the ceiling was spinning with the white tiles. I tried to change the subject, but she suddenly smiled and told me that there was so much going on in her family that she was bored. I asked her to elaborate, but she said that there were some troubles she didn't want to share. Then she abruptly cut off the topic: "I'll tell you when it's over." Before leaving, she was afraid that I would think about it, so she patted me on the shoulder: don't worry, Uncle Ugly, I'll find you for something. It's no use telling you now, you can't help me if you follow me in a hurry. Few people care what other people think, she can. Few people care about such details, and so can I. It was the first time I thought she was not stupid, not only not stupid, but also considerate, rational, and mature.

3 it was two months after karaoke when I learned the truth about Lao Su's "Mom's illness". Of course, when she told me, it was piece by piece, and the wind was light, but the whole story was not as simple as I thought. Lao Su's mother is indeed ill. She indeed came to Beijing pretending to be ill and forced to break up with her boyfriend. I met Da Hao, Lao Su's boyfriend. It is not good to be a lover, but it is good to be a husband, slightly coquettish but considerate, ordinary staff can be paid, in addition to the figure, appearance is slightly inferior, there is nothing wrong with other places. But Old Su's mother just didn't like others, saying that he was ugly, that he was poor, and that he was incompetent. So Su Ma used hard tricks at first to force Lao Su to go home for a blind date; then she used soft tricks to make Lao Su give up automatically; then she used strange tricks to cheat on Lao Su face to face with the "fairy woman"; there was nothing she could do about it. Finally, she used the worst trick-the bitter meat trick. It is difficult to deal with anyone who is involved in this matter. This is tantamount to the choice of "who should you save if your mother and your boyfriend fall into the river?" In most cases, many girls either can't stand the sufferings of their mothers and end up sending a tearful "parent card" to their boyfriends, or they sever ties with their parents for the sake of the young man in white, and "love filial piety" is not complete. 

Lao Su didn't make a choice. She prefers to deal with problems in her way. For more than a month, she was patient and busy, taking her boyfriend to her house to look after her every day, almost rain or shine. For almost a month, while her boyfriend was away, she secretly learned in her mother's ear and asked her, "Mom, isn't this the son-in-law you want?" Mother looked at her in surprise and said nothing. "I knew you weren't pretending to be sick. You can't fool me! " She said faintly that her mother still did not speak. "maybe his appearance annoys you and his work makes you unhappy, but it doesn't get in the way of our lives." Lao Su went on to reason with her mother, in the way she wanted to use: "I found out a long time ago." But I didn't expose you. I know you did it for my good. " There are too many details left, which are all emotional plays between mother and daughter. After crying for a while, my mother bought a ticket to go back to her hometown the next day. "if this is the man and life I want, do you have the heart to disturb it?" That's all I remember. Lao Su said it in a solemn tone. More than a month of patience and grievance, as if after this sentence, seems insignificant. Instead of directly piercing her mother's love with her hardest attitude, she stroked the most vulnerable place in her mother's heart with the most direct actions and words.

4 after a long time, when the matter was over, I asked her, did you tell Dahao about it? She said it was impossible to tell him such a thing. Why not tell him that this kind of thing should be told to a man and make him grateful to you? I refuted her. But she said faintly that she didn't want Dahao to think that shelving him is a kind of charity. She also said that she did not want Dahao to misunderstand that her mother disliked him, rather than feeling sorry for herself. I asked her what would happen to her if Dahao finally lost to her. She touched her head and said she didn't think that much. she only knew that if she liked someone, she should work hard for each other, and if there were obstacles in the relationship, she should try her best to overcome them. "how stupid!" I still didn't hold it back, and this sentence came out. "where is it? I'm not stupid, okay? " She smiled and said, "if he lied to me, I would fight back, okay?" "How to fight back?" I asked. "I will ask him: do you have the heart to bully a sensible girl like me?" After answering, she imitated the way Da Hao knelt and begged for mercy: "how can you, Queen?" My minions must have made a mistake! " At that time, from Lao Su's mouth, I found the most appropriate adjective to describe her: sensible.

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5 I am glad that some good girls around me are sensible and sensible. Kind, simple, natural, sincere, considerate, reliable, rational, mature. It is not too much to throw all these commendatory words to them. This kind of sensibility is to be able to understand others more from the point of view of others, rather than indiscriminately, nor is it blindly patient. This kind of sensibility can be measured, so that the relationships around you can be handled well, knowing when to cry, when to laugh, when to put up with it, and when to make trouble. This kind of sensible, really do not worry about the future, do not worry about the past, wholeheartedly read the scriptures in their hands, love the current lovers enough. If you are sensible, you may know that the more you care about some things, the harder it is to grasp them. After some twists and turns, it is better to go back to the starting point and take a look at your simplest appearance. That's the kind of girl Lao Su is. She can wait for her mother to accept Dahao, or she can wait for Dahao to grow up slowly, and wait for him to come home late, with hot food and a hot meal. My mother is such a girl. My mother doesn't eat chili or is jealous, but when we put it in the dish, she can smile and watch us eat it up.