What is street art?

What is street art?

Street art literacy

my graduate professor is obsessed with linguistics and cognitive science. Although he has a PhD from Harvard, he loves heavy planes, cowboy boots and street art. One day in class, he said, I will not be here next week, and your bibliography will be added for an extra week. When I asked him where he was going, he said, "Oh, I might bask in the sun by Lake Nice because I'm going to a street art conference." You know, as professors, we write books, and then someone will invite you to travel at public expense. (stall) "this is the first time I have paid attention to street art. It is obviously a product of sub-culture, but there is such a thing as a global conference. The grand vision of the global gang conference immediately appeared in my mind. After that, I didn't study street art carefully, and with the upsurge of art in New York in the 1960s and 1970s, street artists like Basquiat were mixed up by me.

Glenn, Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1984

recently, by chance, I helped my friend to eliminate street art. After seeing it, many names that have been talked about by the heavy machine professor have been linked together.

the concept of street art

for this misunderstood art form, I think the first step to understand it is to find out its characteristics. Independent Public Art is a general concept first put forward by theorist Javier Abarca, including graffiti and street art. Street art refers to the visual art created in public places without authorization. Many street artists use graffiti, so the two are always confused.


Street artists have their own skills. Many originating street artists such as Banksy like to use templates to spray graffiti, so graffiti is often associated with street art, but at the same time, there are also artists who like to create with stickers, tiles and light. Like most contemporary artists, they like to challenge form and strive to be small experts in science and technology.

characteristics of street art

without the permission of wall owners, street art is one of the most important features of street art, and the message they want to convey is often provocative and radical, hoping to challenge and change the audience's perception of the community in which they live. In other words, although they did not tell Uncle Zhang at the corner of the street to paint on the wall of his house, the painting expressed Uncle Zhang and his neighbors' eager desire not to move.

it is precisely because unauthorized street art is a major feature of street art, which in turn means that street art has related characteristics.

because these arts are the products of destruction, artists acquiesce that their works may exist for a short time and can be eliminated at any time, while public art is usually protected by the government; and these works of art are usually illegal, so artists have a strong anonymity, and they usually use pseudonyms to avoid being arrested by the police. So they all have quack nicknames, and when they are introduced, they will say that AKA, or professional known, strictly maintain the underworld style.

some people think that gang graffiti in New York in the 1920s-1930s was the earliest origin.

some people think that the visit of soldiers during World War II is an example of early graffiti.

"Kilroy Was Here" is the symbol of a soldier brother whose identity is still unknown.

the Berlin Wall was once the base of street art in West Berlin.

since graffiti is closely related to street art, what's the difference between these two underworld brothers?

first of all, the audience of graffiti artists is the minions of graffiti artists, while the audience of street art is the general public; graffiti artists are to create popularity in local circles, and the message is that I open the way. I planted this tree, and if I want to live forever, stay and buy money. That is, the concept that puppies take up territory by peeing. Not social and political issues (socio-political issue).

since the 1970s, the northwest wall of Houston Street and Bowery in New York has been the place where street artists talk about swords. This site is often called Bowery Mural. In 1982, Keith Harling occupied the whole wall, turning it into a playground for everyone. However, in 2008, the wall began to become a private management, only by entrusting or inviting artists to create here. Is street art going to public art (public art)?

Keith Harling

the difference in public art is that the artist is sponsored by the government, so usually public art does not focus on the local people's view of the work of art; unlike graffiti and public artists, they usually do not come from the community, but want to create popularity in the community, or borrow the site to place his art. A street artist usually wants to reflect the attitudes and thoughts of people in his community and to speak on behalf of his community. The most typical textbook case is Rechard Serra's Tilted Arc.

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this sculpture is tailor-made by United States General Services Administration Arts-in-Architecture program for Foley Federal Square in front of the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in Manhattan, New York.

but because it is too depressing and in the way, every office worker in the buildingI feel terrible after the passage of days. So take turns writing letters asking for it to be removed. Finally, after a series of legal disputes, the public art was successfully removed in 1989.


from among the many gang brothers, I hand-picked three of my favorite representatives to put in the introduction of anti-Braille.


he is an anonymous British street artist, film director and painter.

his hallmark is that his works use Jay-spraying, and usually political metaphors. Banksy's debut film "Talent outside the Gallery" (Exit Through the Gift Shop) was nominated for best documentary feature at the 83rd Academy Awards.

he tells the story of quot;Banksy and other street artists from the perspective of a cute French DV enthusiast. It can be seen that the eldest brother is really narcissistic.

the movie is very cute, a lot of black humorous stalks.

Portuguese Os G ê meos (Portuguese The Twins)

they are a pair of Brazilian twin brothers. They have been created since 1987 and are represented by the people of Rhubarb. They have established a strong Brazilian style in the international street art circle.


and the cutest French artist Invader, all his works are game console-themed mosaic tiles, the visual sense of the characters invading the earth. That's what Pixel Wars played last year.


Street artists, as the most people-friendly team, have always been loved by all kinds of commercial cooperation.

Keith Haring has been doing business since the 1970s, and after his work entered MoMA, it is also because MoMA has worked with many brands, such as Uniqlo.

and KAWS, which has always been keen to do limited handwork.

Shepard Fairey made street posters for the then presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign, and a version was published on the cover of time magazine. This pattern was also a must-sell for T-shirt hawkers all over the world at that time.

the 2008 Tate Modern Street Art Exhibition invited eight artists to work on the main building of the museum in Tate for three days, and the whole process was arched into the spotlight as performance art.

the biggest question facing street art is whether the product of this subculture can and needs to enter the mainstream world.

well, just like punk, whether it is raised or belittled, there are always people who like this cult. There is no need for outsiders to worry about the development of cults.