What more do you want from me?

What more do you want from me?

This relationship is not fair.


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yesterday he came to see me again. Wechat said, "I miss you."

you can smell the smell of alcohol on him without meeting, and maybe the smell of other girls. He may just open Wechat casually, find a contact casually, and casually say that he misses you. Anyway, he doesn't have to be legally responsible for sending messages.

I am so used to such a connection that maybe only at a certain time when he thinks it is appropriate, we can have a conversation like this, and no matter how much I take the initiative or send him crazy messages, it is best to have only an expressive response.

this relationship is so unfair.

Dao Dao suffered for a long time after Xiao A fell in love. She thought, since she had already done so, why not let herself go. She began to go out with her friends and take part in all kinds of games, so she met more people. A little boy liked her, so he asked her out for a long time.

later, somehow, Xiao A knew, and Dao Dao received a text message from Xiao A that night, which was the only message from Xiao An after they did not interfere with each other. In the end, Dao Dao burst into tears holding his cell phone, while secretly replying to Xiao A, Xiao A said, "I forbid you to fall in love."

"what else do you want from me?"


some people are so selfish in their feelings that it seems that the whole world cannot be aggrieved, so the people he likes can only like him, and the people he has been attracted to can no longer be attracted to others. Like a child guarding his own toys, if you don't want your old toys, no one else can get them.

but what more do you want from me?

of course I know, I can't help knowing, I can find someone who loves me, I can get to know more people, I can have a new life, but when you go back to that time and ask me for something like a child, you say you don't want to leave me, you say you miss me, you say you can't watch others hold my hand, I still can't bear it.

Love is a wonderful and unreasonable thing. The reason is clear, but always can not take that step, others say you are stupid, say you are cheap, say meaningless, love itself, there is no logic.

just like I did when I was attracted to you, I always seem to take you to heart. At that time, we snuggled up to listen to Tian Fuzhen's songs. You said you liked her very much and liked her singing those love songs in a lazy voice. The lyrics in one of her songs are: you really don't have to smile in my memories, I can't believe I'm too stupid to forget.

maybe I'm just stupid. As soon as you show up, I don't know what to do, like all my thoughts are figured out by you, and all my chips are put on the table.


what else do you want me to do? how much do you want me to pay before you are willing to leave my life? can we gradually disappear from each other's imprints only if we never see each other again?

yesterday I listened to the song all night and listened to all the playlists on my phone. When I heard Xue Zhiqian's song "what do you want me to do", I happened to receive your message. Xue Zhiqian said, what do you want me to do, I do not have the ability to forget, you do not need to remind me, even if the end is like this.

I think people who have never loved deeply may not understand his songs. I try my best to please, beg with all my strength, and finally end up with the position of a lover, and I want to slowly return to my life circle. I am ready to stop worrying about it, but I can always hear, see and know about you from every aspect.

even you have come to remind me that I really don't have the ability to forget.

what more do you want from me?