What should I do? that's all I can do.

What should I do? that's all I can do.


what should I do? I giggle and chatter when I think of you.

that's probably all I've got.

likes & nbsp; likes  I feel as if I have become a director. I have an established script outline in my mind, the plot develops impromptu, how many decibels it takes to see the other person speak, try not to make the sound of absorbing noodles when eating noodles, don't smell strange clothes, and so on. Will rehearse in my head and imagine that they are about to happen.

yesterday I watched a Korean TV play that I have been chasing recently and called her very beautiful.

I especially like cool girls like the second girl, Gao Junxi.

in front of the person I like, the sentence I remember most clearly is:

"what am I going to do? that's all I've got."

that's all I got.

want to see you, want to flirt with you, want to be a bitch to you.

Yes, I just like you, so I'm single-minded to the end.

this is also very much like the reporter played by Cui Shiyuan. I especially like one of his words:

"it's not over until it's over."

then the deadline for things to end maybe a lifetime.

everyone has a chance to replace another person.

before the end of life, everything is uncertain, changing, and developing.

the only constant possibility is to change.

then we can be with anyone in between.

I saw the news of giving birth to a second child two days ago.

to be honest, I wish I had this policy two years ago. I want to have a brother.

probably those who want brothers and sisters want to be taken care of.

but many siblings want to be only children.

this is probably the same as falling in love. It's lonely to be single for a long time. Who doesn't want to have a hug when it's cold? But when I fall in love, I don't feel free, so I can't do it at all.

I love noodles.

but I am alone when I go to the noodle restaurant.

the waiter will tell me, this lady, you go to that table for one.

every time I say I don't, I want to sit at that table for four.

of course, I will be so capricious only when there are few people.

because it's so miserable to eat noodles alone.

before noodles are served, the soup cools with the heart.

the news that comes one after another is that 25 is the best age for women to give birth. I'm sorry, I'm about to pass.

now many women in their thirties are not married and have children. Not to mention having a second child, I don't even want to have one child.

because I really can't accept that when I was a child,

had to take care of another life that left me helpless.

in the twinkling of an eye, I felt that I was still a young man dressed in white. I was still training in the mountains and gullies. As a result, I blinked again, and all my classmates got married one after another.

I'm a little timid, to be honest.

I always think I'm too early to get married.

the puberty in my heart is still being forcibly prolonged.

makes me reject the increase of age.

but one day we have to face the reality, but it's not too late.

God wrote in the dirge of Love:

it is difficult for us to define adults.

You will look even more stunning in our tea length bridesmaid dresses. There are different cuts and styles to choose from.

when will you become an adult? it's hard to say.

it's easy to tell a child from an old man.

in terms of the state of mind and posture, it is easy to judge.

but I can't decide what adulthood is.


maybe we all have a child living in our hearts.

will meet a lot of interesting people,

will also meet a lot of people who like each other, and

decide their lives in countless choices that may not be right.

everyone will meet a lot of people they admire.

but as long as you make the right decision, you win.

I have no earthly feelings when I am in peace.

my request is very low or it may be very difficult.

as long as the person I love happens to love me,

this is enough for me to be satisfied for a long time.