What's the smell that will make you remember for a long time?

What's the smell that will make you remember for a long time?

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A romantic song.

good night, you and the world.

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maybe you've all heard the phrase "love will disappear".

I'm sorry to have to talk to you about the topic that love will disappear on such a sweet day as 520. It seems that many young people are in love with each other. I don't know whether it's an excuse or a fact. Love will disappear, so contradictions will separate, love will disappear, so of course, he treats me badly, love will disappear, so it seems stupid to manage carefully.

but love is not that simple. It is more because we do not have better management, protection, and maintenance. So in this 520, I would like to talk to you about the secret of falling in love and loving for a long time.

Tip 1: treat the other person as an adult, not a child

I have always disliked the love mode that most people yearn for. I spoil each other as a child or love so much that I can't take care of myself. It seems that every well-received love model is a bit "abnormal". It takes 24 hours to stick together and take care of each other's three meals a day.

but we are all adults. The first principle of adult love is to "mind your own business".

only when you can take care of yourself when you are apart, can you take better care of each other when you fall in love, take care of love, treat each other as adults, mean trust, believe that the other person can do a thing well, means mature, do not need childish behavior to test love, mean rational, do not make blind decisions to hurt each other.

believe that adult love is far better than giant baby love.

Tip 2: learn to quarrel, not just endure

I know that many people don't like conflicts and contradictions, so I firmly believe that good love is when two people never quarrel.

people are accustomed to "losing their voice", rejecting negative emotions, and do not like conflict, but I have always believed that conflict is the beginning of running-in, and only when we are fully exposed can we go on better.

I once read a short story about an old couple who asked for a divorce after their retirement, which shocked everyone because they had always been model couples in their lives. They had never quarreled or blushed in their lives. But when they mentioned divorce, the wife complained of her grievances over the years, her husband's neglect of her, and her tolerance of different living habits. However, all this was not understood. Everyone is saying, why didn't you say it at that time?

Yes, why didn't you say it at that time? love depends on "talking". If everything is kept in your heart, it will only cause greater contradictions rather than disappear quietly.

learn to quarrel and express your emotions and needs, so that you can love better.

Tip 3: keep the boundaries of your relationship and grow at the same time

I've heard of a strange love model. After falling in love, everyone except your lover will be set to do not disturb, to show how serious you are in love. I just want to say two words: "runaway", because it's more or less extreme.

A good relationship is 1-1-1-2, not 1-1-2.

my favorite love mode is that after we are together, I am still me, you are still you, just one more us, then we can only bring superimposed growth, not a hindrance. The sense of boundary in love is that we still keep our social life, still pursue our dreams, and believe that the person around us will stand by us and move forward together.

if falling in love means narrowing the scope and shrinking boundaries, then I'd rather stay single.