What's the use of mom?

What's the use of mom?

Mother has been in on call all her life.

this time it was I who begged thousands and thousands of people. She made at least 20 phone calls before she was willing to come here. She regards living with us this time as being rehired and re-employed after retirement.

I didn't invite her over unprincipled. Before I came, I made it clear: no interference in my education, no interference in my writing, no interference in my writing, no food, drink, and urge us to go to bed early when we were reading or playing alone. It doesn't matter when I go to bed at night.

how did I live before my mother came? It's a little sad, and I have to go back to it in detail-

A fat man with hypothyroidism ate only one meal a day and slept about four hours a day. Because I like writing stories, I have formed the habit of writing in the morning, reading books in the afternoon, and watching plays in the evening since I went to kindergarten at the age of three. Last semester, when I hadn't written for a long time, I once felt that every word I rewrote was a piece of shit. I lay sadly on the book and wept more than a dozen pages of paper.

I can do nothing but write stories and be a mother. I don't know the use of writing so many stories, but if I don't, I only have the skill of being a mother.

on my 10th wedding anniversary, I posted a circle of friends with a picture of a wedding photo of my father and me, which read: ten years of legal husband and wife, thank you for your care.

A great teacher liked it and commented: he didn't take care of you, you took care of him all the time.

at that time, I wanted to jump into the teacher's soft arms, howl, and say to her, "you know me better than my mother."

the most common thing my mother said to me was: "Dad works hard, you have to be more considerate of him, you have to take good care of him, you have to be more tolerant of him, you have to..."

that way, that way

if I had said this to Dian Dian, Dian Dian would have rushed up and hit me.

clever as I am, always whispering: mom, I know, you can rest assured; Mom, I will; Mom, don't worry, we are all fine. "

look, I am hypocritical to my mother. (laughter)

my heart is saying, "Why don't you educate Dad? why don't you let him take care of me and forgive me?" Why are you treating us with double standards? Dad is at work. Should I eat and drink at home and wait for me to die? "

after I went to Hangzhou, I was able to hold on at first. three months later, I began to cry to my father, "when can you go back to Shanghai?"

6 months, I am completely accustomed to the new pace of life, if things are listed, to make a long list, to sum up, is housework writing with a little bit.

9 months, I was numb. Neither tired nor aggrieved, the hourly worker comes to clean once a week, drinks coffee when he is sleepy, and climbs to bed when he is ill. You can't do anything less than what needs to be done. It is not that I am poor and fastidious, but which one can be crossed out?

from two months after I was born until October 12, 2016, I was ashamed to tell others that I was a stay-at-home mother, housewife, and amateur writer. I don't think I can do any of them because no one pays me. The house is bought by Dad, the car is bought by Dad, the mortgage is repaid by Dad, the tuition fee is given by Dad, and the cost of living is paid by Dad every month. Every time I ask him for money, I have to use a lot of brains, try not to be so submissive, try to beat around the bush, first from poetry to philosophy of life, and then from Google Baidu Bing chat to Wechat QQ Alipay, enough groundwork, courage value increased to 1/3, just enough to say: this month. There is not enough money. Because.

I think I must not be the only stay-at-home mother living such a life, feeling that she is not engaged in productive labor, does not create surplus value, does not earn money, is ashamed to ask for money, and is ashamed to express her legitimate demands. I dare not speak aloud when the truth is on my side. Carefully observe my husband's face and eyes, and guess what he means by a Wechat sentence-is he disliking me for not having a proper and stable job, complaining that I am not taking good care of the children, or is it very much that I only mind writing? didn't keep the house clean and tidy?

every second of his silence, I thought he was angry.

every time I quarrel, I attribute the fault to my lack of money.

buy clothes, skincare products, and books with fear. I don't know if I deserve this or not. How can a person who doesn't make money have the right to buy?

I've been an idiot for more than six years.

then, on October 5, 2016, my mother came. My mother said, "give me three days and I will clean up your house."

on October 8th, I asked Dad to finish the National Day holiday and go back to work in Hangzhou.

on October 9th, my mother almost threw away my favorite picture album, Starry Sky, and I had a big fight with her.

on October 10th, I started a new routine. After delivering the dots in the morning, walk to costa, write in the morning and read in the afternoon. Leave costa at 3: 00 sharp and go home to pick up the schoolbag for the interest class. Pick up the point after school, and then accompany the point to go to class, point class for an hour, I continue to write. When we go home in the evening, we play and read books with little dots. We brush our teeth and take a bath and tell stories about good night. When I fell asleep a little bit, I began to watch it for about 3 hours to the movie or show.

October 11th, ditto.

October 12th, ditto. It's just that when I walked home from costa, I felt light for the first time. I don't have to worry about the dishes in the sink, the floor is dirty, the clothes in the washing machine forgot to dry the clothes on the clothes rack, and the dinner was too late to postpone bedtime. I couldn't find clothes in the messy wardrobe and forgot to bring my schoolbag.……

at 03:30 in the afternoon on October 12, I passed a bridge. By the bank of the river, someone was sitting fishing, my arm on the railing of the bridge, supporting my upper body. I began to cry to the river.

from October 10 to October 12, I write at least 5000 words, read 100 pages, walk 12000 steps and watch two movies every day. If I had been in this state since I was born two months ago, what would I be like on October 12, 2016?

I may have written two long stories and ten short stories, which are enough for me to write four books. In that way, I published a total of nine books and became a real writer. If someone, from the moment she was born, began to help me take good care of her, help me do all the housework, let me focus on my work, not to mention money, I was willing to cut out my heart and give it to her. I will not be willing to be a bad cop to her for a little thing. I will not let her be aggrieved because of me. I will not let her turn on the computer after a busy day and write a tragic story in tears. I will make her laugh, appease her, understand her, let her sleep comfortably on the bedroom bed when she is sleepy, then gently close the bedroom door and say to Diandian: "Mom is too tired, need to rest, don't disturb Mom."

my crying is my chagrin. On October 9th, because Starry Sky, which was almost lost, had a big fight with my mother, I should smile and say, "Mom, thank you for helping me clean up the bookcase. I am much more convenient to find books now."

I cry because I am angry with myself for the past. Why do I never think about it for ten minutes? instead, I agree with what most people say: women who do not earn money have no self, women who do not earn money have no right to lose their temper with their husbands, women who do not earn money are losers, women who do not earn money are losers, women who do not earn money have no sense of achievement. Why should you believe the nonsense written in the messy public account: a stay-at-home mother is a babysitter, or at most a senior babysitter; a stay-at-home mother should take a good look at herself; a stay-at-home mother should integrate into society and earn money for her family; how much advantage a stay-at-home mother has, she will be loved by her husband. Only once in youth, don't give up yourself for the sake of your child, don't become an aged woman for your child.

03:40 in the afternoon on October 12th, I want to say to those ideas and articles: go to hell.

get a promotion, get a raise, write a program, write a novel, start a business, do an app, sign a bill to talk about customers. These are achievements. Is it not an achievement to raise a child who is physically and mentally healthy?

whose advantage does a stay-at-home mother take advantage of?

even raising children is not noble, so what is noble?

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Mother is the most irreplaceable profession in the world. The most advanced babysitter can not replace the mother, grandparents put together four people, and can not replace the mother. No matter how much money, can not replace the mother. Mothers not only teach their children the basic skills of survival but also get feedback from their children on how to become better adults. The mother not only arranged the household chores but also put them into practice and disposed of them one by one. Mother has been on-call all her life.

taking care of children responsibly and loving them can be considered a waste of youth? Can anyone tell me what kind of job can keep a woman young forever? Stay-at-home mothers are indeed free to arrange some limited time, and freedom, which means more tough self-discipline. What kind of idiot would think that a stay-at-home mother would be relaxed after sending her child to kindergarten, watching TV, TV

if "my husband comes back from work and feels unbalanced, he loses his temper with a full-time mother who has been busy all day and vents his feelings in various ways." then ask the stay-at-home mother to treat him in the same way.

Men and women in the workplace can comfortably give themselves a gift when they complete a task. Stay-at-home mothers can also reward themselves for a safe and happy day for their children. If you want to ask for a salary card from your husband at work, ask for it generously, and if you don't want to manage your money, ask him to give you enough money. Rely on each other, thank each other, respect each other, two people work together for the family, this is the balance.

it's just as natural for my husband to come back for dinner. There is no doubt that a stay-at-home mother is engaged in a job that is most meaningful and valuable to the family, which is as useful as a husband who goes out to earn money.

every shopping festival, stay-at-home mothers please choose what they want within a reasonable range and ask their husbands to transfer their money to Alipay. Then, sincerely thank him for making money for the family. Making money and raising children are good jobs. Everyone is equal, including newborn babies. Money is never more precious than people, anyone.