When I decide to do what I can't do.

When I decide to do what I can't do.

Shackles are inevitable, but only temporary.

on the first day of college, my roommate's father took care of everything for her, and I went to do all these things by myself. I felt nothing at that time. I just felt a little sorry. I don't have a father who loves me like my roommate. This kind of good thing is not for everyone. I can't do it. I can't choose this.

when I can't choose whether these objective conditions are happy or not, I will turn my attention back to myself. can I make myself happy? after self-examination, my answer is yes. At that time, many parents would tell their children that "your only way out is yourself" . I don't think there's anything wrong with me. Occasionally I heard a friend in Xi'an say to me, "like your personality, you are very hot." This is the first time I have come into contact with the word "burning", and I like it very much because it sounds like it makes me feel full of energy. So with such a "burning" energy, in 11 years just entered the Communication University of this campus environment, I have not been idle.

during the summer vacation of my freshman year, I am very new. I don't want to sleep in every day and have dinner with my friends. I think the female photographer with the camera will be very cool, and it just so happens that the undergraduate is studying photography. With the recommendation of my elder brother, I went to the game to be the No. 1 female cameraman. I didn't go home during the summer vacation. At that time, the otaku held up a sign to express his love to me. The director told me to cut the camera to him, very embarrassed, but very happy, and found it funny. After stepping down, several people asked me to sign for a photo. At that time, I didn't understand. Who am I? Putting aside these side gains, I felt happy to do what I loved. I was 18 at the time.

in my junior year, I went to Dunhuang to hold a music festival with friends, road documentaries of 14 routes across the country, different modes of travel and different bands. I rode a motorcycle all the way from Lanzhou to Jiuquan in Zhangye Guazhou, Wuwei, and finally arrived in Dunhuang. Eldest brothers of the same age as my parents drove to 180 mph, burning badly all the way, and the influence of these earlier "free people" on me. Let me know what I want and what I should stick to. the definition of "free man" to me is that even if you are here and now, you may be limited by objective conditions, but you will not change what you want to do. You will still be yourself, even if not now, but one day, you will be able to live your life the way you like. shackles are inevitable, but only temporary.

it's not that I haven't been in a shift. I only sleep two hours a day when I sit on a shift, but if a lot of things turn out well, I won't be more picky. But in the end, I gave up my shift and started filming, writing books, and pursuing the lifestyle I like. This may be the lifestyle that many people want, but it doesn't apply to everyone. First of all, I have to know what I want and what I can do. Slowly feel "burning" is to start their own business, once dreamed of one by one into reality, dreamed of nine years of cafes opened, set up their own studio, began to prepare a second book, began to slowly promote the story to film and television. In previous interviews, they asked me that everything you were going through seemed to be going well, and I replied that I might have such luck, but "it went well because I adapted to myself" .

I cannot say that I am a particularly planned person, because I prefer the old saying that I live in the present. Of course, living in the present is not about not looking at the future, but also learning to find the right direction and do what you want to do. It is not easy, but it is by no means difficult. One day, I was in a cafe and two children from Sichuan came in. one of the girls brought her mother to Beijing and came to me. She wanted her mother to see me. She told her mother that she wanted to choose her favorite major in college. She wanted to learn language rather than architecture. She said, this sister is to do what she likes, so she will like to become good at. I also thought that the college entrance examination was my first real fire, but I did not expect that my own burning would also burn others, providing others with a possibility of life, and the meaning I realized made me feel valuable.

now I have tasted the benefits of burning. I see that I am the only way out. I am very happy that I can persist in myself and influence others. In Tencent Video recently did "good times burn together" activity, saw a lot of good friends, of course, their entrepreneurial difficulties needless to say, we only look at the results, they did, jumped out of their comfort zone, in fact, we can see more, again and again "burning", is not only because of dreams, ambition, but also because of youth, youthful passion. Because we all have such an impulse to live a meaningful and happy life in the best and best of times. We all have such an impulse in our hearts because we all want to live a meaningful and happy life in the best and best of times.

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No matter what difficulties you encounter, you will never destroy your dreams.

lying in bed eating Rest with drumsticks is a kind of life. You forget what you want, and there is no improvement in the process of two o'clock and one line. It's OK to stay in your comfort zone, of course, but at some point, have you ever felt a little bit unwilling?

whether it can burn or not, we choose the road by ourselves, and we don't allow you to complain any more.