When I like you, it is my cutest time.

When I like you, it is my cutest time.

When I left the bookstore, I left an umbrella in the hope that you were the one who took it home.

Chapter 1.

when I was chatting, a friend said to me, do you know when you are cutest?

she said to me, you know, the cutest time is when you love him to death.

she told me that at that time, you had to catch us and tell us about him every day, and you would be half worried to death when he went out to dinner with other girls, and you had to ask us what we meant every time he sent a status.

I said yes, I forgot that I still look like this.

I had dinner with a friend before. She was an unsmiling girl who spoke and did things coldly, and her expression was always indifferent to things for thousands of years. During that meal, she looked at her cell phone and snickered. I rubbed her arm and asked her why she was smiling so much. She looked at me happily and couldn't wait to share the message from the boy on my phone, "this guy is so cute." She said with a smile.

I flirted with her and said, "now look in the mirror and see how girlish your face is."

Chapter 2.

Yes, the most amazing magic in the world is to become cute when you like someone. Whether you feel a sense of loss, or rejoice, or look forward to it, every appearance of will be your cutest look, and you have no idea.

when watching "Carmen in Mong Kok", there is a dialogue in it. Maggie Cheung said to Andy Lau, "there is cooked rice in the kitchen, and I also bought several cups. I know it will be broken soon, so I secretly hid one. When you need that cup one day, give me a call and I will tell you where to put it."

at that time, Maggie Cheung, with full collagen on her face, often smiled with delight when she was with Andy Lau, and her face was pink and beautiful.

Want to look like a fairytale princess in a magnificent royal purple bridesmaid dresses without spending a fortune? Fantastic collections are on hot sale right now!

I have always thought that these very life-like love hidden in the details are so romantic: I care whether the folds in your neckline have been smoothed out, and I worry about whether you remember to eat breakfast when you go out this morning. I remember the date of every important day. it's not about what you look like, how much wealth you have, what you can bring me, it's so simple and pure love.

Chapter 3.

A friend of mine told us when he was single that the boy he dated in the future must drive a supercar and buy her beautiful bags and shoes, otherwise she didn't like it. Later, I met her and talked to her. She was a very ordinary boy with no overrun, no beautiful bags and shoes. We asked her, what do you like about him? She said she didn't know, but she felt happy when she saw him, and she felt radiant when she was with him.

likes a person, any appearance, is the best appearance, even when likes him own appearance, will be oneself most lovable appearance.

in fact, it is very easy for us to fall in love with a person. We can accurately capture that person's voice in the conversation and laughter of a group of friends, and the moment he appears will unconsciously begin to pay attention to him. Every detail about him, every small move, everything he mentioned, will be kept in mind.

I have watched your favorite TV series over and over again. I can learn all your favorite songs by heart. In fact, I don't like these TV shows and songs very much, just because I like you very much. Those inexplicable happiness, sudden anxiety, just because I like you very much.

I am so selfish that I just want to show you the best and let you know that I am such a lovely person.


Zhang Guorong said in the narrator "so near and so far": when I left the bookstore, I left an umbrella in the hope that you were the one who took it home.  

how I wish it were you who could accompany me home on a rainy day.