When will you pay me back what you owe me?

When will you pay me back what you owe me?

When will I have it back?

Last night my mother was suddenly very enthusiastic and asked me to have dinner with a brother who came back from the United States in her WeChat group. Let's call him Marshal.

 my mother insists that I go directly to the restaurant after work because she has to work overtime tonight. When the Marshal and I arrived at the restaurant, my mother sent me Wechat saying, "there is a sudden emergency, you eat first, do not wait for me." At the same time, Marshal's mother sent him Wechat, telling him: "you eat slowly, remember to pay the bill."  

then we smiled helplessly at each other, he said, full of routines. I said, fortunately, we both have a big heart, otherwise we can't eat this meal.


probably because we both went for the meal, we had a very happy meal. In the end, he bought the bill, and I didn't take it.

 at the end of the meal, the Marshal suddenly told me with a little smile: "you know, I am very nervous today." Because you are now a writer, I am afraid that you are not satisfied with me, just write an article to scold me. So I want to ask you, do I look ugly today? "  

I said, "Don't be afraid, you are very handsome today."

he looked at me for a long time and said hopelessly, "when you say that, I think you're going to write about me."

he guessed quite right. I'm going to write about him.  

I think my mother is really smart.

 according to my previous habits, I will not take the initiative to ask anyone for an invitation except for a few fixed and lingering friends. But if the other party pays for the first meal, it will make me feel like I owe him. So I will offer to meet for a second time, and then there may be a third. Only in this way can there be a later story. Because the guilt of owing others will urge me to change my alienation from others and urge me to keep in touch with them.

I have read a paragraph before.


everything in the world is like debt repayment. Some people quickly pay off and turn into the vast sea of people to get together. Some people have to slow down a little bit, ten cents and fifty-five cents, two breakfasts for a meal, it's like getting sick. I owe another sum when I'm about to pay it off, so there's always time to renew it.

maybe I'm the one who paid off quickly and didn't get together in a shipwreck.


I prefer AA for dinner. Even if someone pays for me, I will immediately use WeChat red packet to return it to him; I don't like to take the initiative to ask for help, I am afraid that my trivialities will bother others; if I borrow from other people's money, I will pay it off as quickly as possible, and I don't want them to worry about this expense; I will give it back intact as soon as possible, and in some cases, I will even buy a new one to return it to him. I have always made a clear distinction between myself and others, and I don't want to worry about others in any way.

 because the people around me and I never owe each other, I often find no reason to see them again. So gradually, the old people around me are gone, leaving only the new ones.  

I also want you to go back and forth, owe debts to each other, and finally pay them back slowly. I also hope that people who have not made an appointment can make another appointment later and stay a little longer after meeting you. But I always feel that I don't owe you. If I don't give you a chance to stay by my side for too long, I won't let you get to know me, and I won't let you seize my weakness.

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this makes me feel a huge sense of security.  
 so among so many ways to pay back the money, I chose the safest one, that is, you and I are even.  

I even thought that maybe one day I would meet someone, and I would suddenly remember what I owed him, and maybe I would repay him for the rest of my life.


I remember when I was very young, when I read A Dream of Red Mansions, I was puzzled why Baoyu always didn't understand the girl's heart, and Daiyu was still willing to stay with him; why the marriage between the two was so reluctantly forced by external forces, but Daiyu couldn't let it go until her death.


it was only when I grew up that I realized that it was the same truth: it is only natural to repay debts. Lin Daiyu owed Baoyu I tears in her previous life, so she had to pay it back in this life. On the day Baodai first met, Baoyu said, "I have seen this sister before." Although I haven't seen it before, I look good-looking, but I feel like I'm seeing each other again after a long separation. " When Baodai was about to separate, Baoyu said, "three thousand weak water. I'll only take one ladle to drink."

 because Daiyu owes Baoyu a debt, it took her a lifetime to repay it, but she failed to pay it off because Baoyu owed Daiyu her lifelong promise again.

I guess he may have to pay it back in his next life.


since then I have always believed that if I am willing to owe you and pay everything back slowly, then we will have a chance to meet again. I owe you a meal this time, and you owe me a book next time, and then we will always be connected and willing to be connected. If you give me an important point, then I will choose to pay it back more slowly; even if I do, I will still want to owe you something, so that we will always keep in touch.

think selfishly that if one day I meet you on the road, I won't say anything, but my heart is clear. The difference between you and me and others is that we owe something to each other.


and I know it will be returned to you sooner or later, today or tomorrow, in three or ten years. Money, books, rice, or feelings, I slowly return.