When you are unhappy, let's have a dance.

When you are unhappy, let's have a dance.


Click on the song,

you will want to dance.

tell the one you don't know.

I got good grades when I was young, but I don't like learning so much. There is a bad girl in my heart. I like to try to listen to different music, so I have accumulated a lot of playlists.

I remember that I had a habit at that time that we left class earlier than my parents left work. And this time is my favorite moment, turn on the TV, turn on the computer, turn on all the noise that can be made in the room, I begin to dance in the room, it is not a special professional dance, it is to follow the song can twist.

think that everyone has their way to relieve stress. Mine is to listen to songs.

at that time, computers and televisions were not LCD yet, and there was a big ass behind them. The system is still Windows 98, my favorite game up to now is minesweeping, full of unknown surprises, every time I sweep the mine, I feel super awesome, like I climbed the South Pole in trousers, or licked the popsicle without sticking my tongue in winter, which is an inexplicable and magical achievement.

there is nothing more exuberant than self-exuberance.

I was secretly wearing my mother's clothes at home. My sleeves were long. I put on lipstick as if I had been stung by a bee. I didn't forget to order a mole for myself. At that time, the clothes were very retro, and I remember that bell-bottoms were still popular. I was wearing my mother's high heels and the theme song of a fairy wife at home, and I was all smug.

there is news on the TV that I don't understand, good news, bad news, and then good news. I don't care about the content. I don't know what to say. I just want to hear it.

then I did that strange twist dance in the house. The shoes were big and the dancing was ugly, but I was very happy.

just like when I was in junior high school, a boy gave me a very valuable thing. It was so exquisite that I thought it was very boring, so I gave it back to him. After all, I was still young at that time, so I spent my parents' money, so there was no need to take other people's money to be a hero. But another person gave me a very ugly rabbit sewn by myself, with a wide face, but the kind that can be swayed as soon as it is swung, especially Low, but I think it's great and I like it very much.

well, keep talking about what you do at home.

my parents will be back around 7 o'clock. I will take off my wardrobe on time at 06:30, and then absorb my parents' habit of touching the computer TV to see if it is too hot. I will take a wrung wet towel and put them on the big buttocks of the TV and computer to cool them down, and then pretend to do their homework seriously at 07:00. The machine is also cold, perfect, Perfect. Sometimes I admire the way I used to think of such a dog.

I saw a girl in SOHO wearing OL as if she had just attended an important event, and then I saw her painful expression of taking off her high heels, carrying her high heels down the steps barefoot, walking down and putting them on again, stumbling.

I am suddenly very distressed.

including those leaders, it is difficult for them to see you working overtime and feel that you really should, but they will steal a cookie when you are too tired and complain that your working hours are not saturated and your salary is that little, but there will only be more work.

how long has it been since we had a good laugh?

so it's a treasure to meet someone who makes you happy.

have you not taken off that pair of high heels that make you very tall and straight for a long time or the stiff shackles of a suit?  We are always more and more greedy and want more and more, so we are more and more unhappy.

I like those freaks very much, and I may be myself.

I laugh very low, like to imitate, have a loud voice, and hate evil.

Our chiffon wedding dress are defined by fine fabric concinnity . Our collections are versatile enough to suit any figure.

maybe a lot of people do the same.

that's good. If you hear this song today, try to take off your shoes and wiggle the song barefoot. In your clumsy dance, you will be very happy.

Happiness sometimes comes not from refinement, but clumsiness.

everyone wants to do their best, but it's for others.

Life doesn't take long to live for yourself,

so it's smart to be stupid once in a while.