When you came to Beijing to work alone, how are you doing now?

When you came to Beijing to work alone, how are you doing now?


be a tree in the afterlife.

there is no joyful posture, but stands forever.

the desert in Tuli was photographed by me on the Silk Road in the northwest.

if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe that these deserts are expanding every day, and the environment is getting worse and worse. I feel like I'm standing there, seeing a sandstorm, and feeling like I'm going to be submerged at any time.

you can vaguely see that the desert is surrounded by wind-proof and sand-fixing trees, and in these environments, there is always one less tree. Trees, such tall things, look so small in front of the desert. One piece, two pieces, they stay there. Take root and fulfill their mission, like us in the city. Even if it is small and too much, it can start a prairie fire.

when I graduated, every time I went back to my hometown, my relatives and friends would ask me a question "do you still want to go home" .

not going home, stay in Beijing.

not going home, stay in Shanghai.

not going home, stay in Shenzhen.

not going home, stay in Hangzhou.

anyway, I'm not going home.

when we were young, we had a lot of dreams, dreaming of becoming a tree, standing in the crowd, but there were many trees around us. Everyone is working hard in the north, Shanghai and Guangzhou, adhering to the remaining temperature of their dreams, and I will not go home until I have made some achievements. Many people have immortal dreams in their hearts, which is why they would rather give up a comfortable life in their hometown and come out to wander around, hoping to have a place in a big city. Respecting your dreams and letting you choose the life you want most is the way your parents in your hometown love you.

"break out and I'll be alive."

but the reality is always unsatisfactory. At the beginning of coming to this strange big city, your life is very tired and difficult.

when your parents call, you never say you're having a bad time.

stay at home drinking instant noodles and blowing a cold snot.

tell them that I am eating a big meal, very nutritious, do not catch a cold, do not get sick, you can rest assured.

after talking to them on the phone, you dare not open Wechat, because it is all the work thrown to you by the company, but you have to open it. I'm telling you, get things done today, and you'll need them for the meeting first thing in the morning.

not everyone is a du Lala and can be promoted by hard work.

sometimes you give up and say, "I'm so tired, but what's the use? I can't get anything if I work hard."

I want to go home, but I am not reconciled to it.

my mother often tells me: everything has a process, and a tree can't grow in a day.

an iceberg, you can see a small hill exposed above, but you don't know that there are huge ice roots under the water to support it in order to make it float.

A tree, you can't easily push it, because its roots are huge, and they are covered in the ground, absorbing more nutrients for their own growth.

I'm not going home because I want everyone to recognize my ability.

I don't go home because I know I lose my motivation when I go home.

I won't go home, because no matter how strangely I dress in Beijing and Shanghai, no one will look at me.

I don't go home because I firmly believe that I can become a rich generation.

I won't go home because I have an immortal dream in my heart.

I'm not going home because there are more opportunities here.

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I don't go home, whether success or failure is an experience with me.

I don't go home because I want to live a better life for myself and my family.

I'm sure you all have this idea, those of you who are reading this article right now. Whether you are children who are preparing for the college entrance examination, freshmen who have just gone to college, office workers who are working overtime, or those freelancers, you are all a tree, blown by the wind and sand and experiencing unfairness, unhappiness and unhappiness. But it is still a valuable tree, everyone can not be ignored, you are all valued, you all have their own value, you can cry when you can't hold up, but you can't give up. You have great power that you don't even know.

Fang Tai e-commerce is now doing a green public welfare activity called "the Power of Seeds". They think that the power of a seed is inestimable. Fang Tai promised that where buyers buy too products on major e-commerce platforms during the event, they will plant a tree in the name of customers and insist on careful conservation and greening of our homes.

the curator has become the talent of this green public welfare event, and has prepared 520 carefully designed and packaged green plant seed sets [seeds + soil + containers] in the original text, which will be distributed to 520 museum buddies free of charge at the event today.

the power of the seed is great, just like our efforts.

for our environment, more green, less dust.

the children who get the green plant can comment and tell me.

I hope they can accompany you to struggle in different places.