Where to go? Whatever you say.

Where to go? Whatever you say.

The idols of youth and the car we most favored have become irreplaceable existence in our eyes. Later love can not replace the panic of first love, and other attractive similar moments can not replace the precious of the first time. This is the highlight of the adult world, although we will give up a lot of innocence of innocence, but we also have more possibility of change and the ability to choose.

when I was a child, I thought the world was a riot of colors in a colorful bubble machine. As long as I was willing to put money, I was sure to spray the color I wanted. For school exams, I can't figure out why people all over the world write the same set of papers with the same standard answers that won't change. High school morning exercise, always not serious, I wonder if everyone can only maintain such a uniform posture, walking in one direction at the pace of discipline. later, when he broke up for the first time, the other party cried with grievances and said, "I have never changed, and it is clearly you who have changed." at that time, I was too young to learn any tender kindness, and I just wanted to be cool, so I almost told him with sympathy: "how old are you, how can people remain the same? you drew a circle around the world, and there were only two of us in the circle. In the world outside the circle, have you ever thought of knowing a new self in the past, not just standing in the same place now?" People who are waiting for others to carry you forward. "

early on, when I was still standing under the flag and listening to the headmaster talk about the future, I gritted my teeth and told myself that in my little head at that time, I could only put together a sentence that sounded particularly exciting, and I wanted to be different from you. Yes, as we wander around the adult world, we are as crazy as those teenagers who are not yet old. I have such a big dream, and I want to change the world as I can imagine.

We are the first generation to come into contact with the word "idol", and in the eyes of our generation, Han Han is the most handsome "teenage idol" who smashed the word "conformist". He is the man who realized all the fights he had boasted in those years. It's just that he used to be a teenager, and we grew up with him. During the rebellious period when he gave up his studies, we also rebelled; he loved one beautiful girl after another in the world, and we fell in love with the most handsome young man on campus. He did the public opinion representative in the blog, wrote the most controversial "Han San article", he did not say disobedient, said dissatisfied words, in fact, we also have the same resistance and struggle at that time; Many years later, he married and gave birth to a daughter, became a director, and the blog stopped updating, as if time had let the teenager who was always in front of the crowd slowly taste the vicissitudes of life. In fact, we also tasted these vicissitudes later.

in everyone's eyes, he is always the young man with a big sword, unswervingly trying to change the world. Wild grass and wild flowers, boundless, ambitious reward, unrewarded ambition, all like him. But no matter how much society labels Han Han, I love him as much as I love myself at every stage of my life. It seems that we really treated each other wholeheartedly, and at that age when we were not able to make decisions independently, we put our shoulders together and straightened our backs to be the young people who were not well-behaved in the eyes of adults.

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We have grown up together. I keep being different from myself, getting rid of other people's expectations with different lifestyles, and trying to find out who I am. While he writes books, Sing, racing, picking up girls and quarreling with people, he is an idol, an inescapable man, and a father of two. But I know he's more than that. He used his "unruly" to punch a strange-looking but free hole in the boundaries of our minds when we were still carrying textbooks, but that's not all in the adult world outside the hole.

* *

I don't know what kind of people I would like, but I can already tell what kind of people I don't like. Maybe I'm still not sure what kind of life I like, but I can clearly understand what kind of life I don't want. such as the same way of life, such as the next intersection that can be seen at a glance at this end of the road.

I prefer to be the one who dares to change and dare to be different than everyone fighting to be a big winner in one rule. I would also like to see that there are always some people in this world who are constantly taking risks, to take a road that few people take, to cross the mountains, rivers and seas, to cross the sea of people, and to become the existence that is different from us.

We are like a car driving into the distance. Society, rules, standards, prejudices draw boundaries around the road that we dare not cross, some people dare to cross the border, and even connect two worlds that seem completely different. for example, the BMW X6 crosses the line between the SUV and the sedan, merging the performance between the two.

BMW X6 broke the convention and created the all-round coupe segment market, creating a new trend of beautiful appearance and unique internal consideration, which has become a unique existence, but it has never stopped at an immutable existence.

every change of BMW X6 is a breakthrough that is both an innovation and an independent self. A breakthrough that breaks convention gives it excellent handling and dynamic driving. BMW interconnected driving technology, which is constantly innovative and fun, connects the larger world to the driving space, while it always adheres to itself, satisfying people's pursuit of personal charm with smart lines and fashionable interiors, just like once a handsome teenager. Over time, polished into a more fascinating adult, he is still him, but not just yesterday. BMW X6 continues to become a better person after it has changed an era. Just like us, just like you.

those who do not want to surrender to the world so early have opened up one new journey after another. We are always on the bus, but every car has to be on the road. what kind of car we choose and which road we take is all because we yearn for it.What kind of person you become, which way of life you choose. car is an extension of human power, there may be no absolute wrong or right road, but I hope that on every journey, I can choose the right car that is closer to my inner strength.

in those years, our maverick idols were people who crossed countless boundaries in our hearts along the way. Their bravery we want to have, their achievements, maybe I can not do so well, but I seem to be able to move closer to that desired direction. We love unique things and love people who look so different in our eyes. the idols of boyhood and the most favorite car have become irreplaceable existence in our eyes. Later love can not replace the panic of first love, and other attractive similar moments can not replace the precious of the first time. This is the highlight of the adult world, although we will give up a lot of innocence of innocence, but we also have more possibility of change and the ability to choose.

Honey, I'm bad and weird, but if you can let me be as good as a kitten when I stay around you, and let me see a different world, then I won't run wild anymore, just with you.

Let's drive the coolest car, burn the last blood before the end of youth, and explore a wonderful journey that has never been seen before.

you, are you ready? Fasten your seat belt. Let's go.

Welcome to the adult world, which has never been content to stay the same.