Whose new love and old love you are.

Whose new love and old love you are.


Mr. Liu, if it hadn't been for a misunderstanding, we might have been married now. However, I think this may be out of a bigger misunderstanding. What's it like to get back in love with your old love? is it the lost person who hesitates to knock on your door again and again? is it still hard to get rid of the original meeting in a circle or is it because of a hard hug in this muggy summer? it's like heavy rain, easy to have wet eyes and fresh air.

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you say you don't know, so you might as well give it a try.

Classmates Liu, did you come to be the first time after you returned home? Can't wait to come to me. Am I necessary or a second choice that comes to mind only after you have traveled around the world? In the past, I would have been very concerned about these issues. It seems that if I am not in the first place, it is not enough to say that I am sincere. Now although I still want those "must you" things, I no longer want to use a one-sided perspective to examine a relationship. Now, you are single, I am not married, have feelings for each other, worry about each other, coupled with a misunderstanding of the old love, I really can not find a reason why we are not together. To say so seems to be reluctant it is not. I always do not believe that there is anyone in this world that I can never forget or let go of, but I believe that although some people have been separated from themselves for a long time and are far away, they still have a connection in their hearts. It will not be highlighted on weekdays, but it is all written between the eyebrows and eyes when we are reunited.

the so-called abyss is probably like this, no matter how many years, see once, fall once.

the day we met, we went to the noodle shop where we always went, and we also went to Ocean Park, which we had never gone to before. The viaduct in front of my house has been repaired, and the residential area where you used to live has been demolished. I heard that it has been planned into a city cultural square. You put an antique record player in your new house, but because it can only make a shrill sound, it has become a large decoration. I sometimes bring some ingredients after work, and you can cook a few dishes, which are not complicated but delicious.

when I stay with you, I always have a lot to say. Sometimes I feel that I have already said what I want to say, but I have fresh thoughts after any conversation. The smell on you, I smelled drunk a few years ago. Now, I said, Mr. Liu, are you old? you smell like calming the nerves and replenishing brain fluid.

people are so strange that when they don't have love in their hearts, they feel that the romance in the world is known and has long been thoroughly described by all novels and movies. But when the mind was caught by another person's eyes, we were surprised to find that we know too little about romance, otherwise how could we have never found it before, watching your dried clothes on the balcony being blown back and forth by the wind? it's like holding your hand and swaying with the tenderness of the whole world.

classmate Liu, you see, behind every quiet face, we all have some abundant emotions burning passionately in our hearts. This feeling of still burning makes me feel sweet and moving.

some people may think that it is difficult to cover up the cracks even if the old lover is reunited, and it will be difficult to continue the development after reliving the plot of the past. But Liu you said how well, you said that we have been injected with new blood, has long become a new person in time, with some once, with some bigger unknown. I am your old love and your new love.

everyone, many are too late, and countless others are not. This kind of feeble melancholy seems to be unavoidable all the time. Han Songluo wrote about Chopin who died of tuberculosis, "Chopin did not wait until this day, he did not wait for streptomycin, he belongs to the Cui dike, spring came a hundred years late."

classmate Liu, spring has already done to us what it did to cherries. When it also slipped away, we each felt the alternation of other seasons, and we also had other good times. But the facts are unpredictable, on this emerald dike that belongs to us, and now spring is coming again.

who is your new love and your old love?

I didn't expect that they could be the same person.