Why have you changed?

Why have you changed?


there is a happy person suddenly one day unhappy, many people have asked him, why are you unhappy, why do you not smile, the man said, this is the real me.

yesterday I passed by the school I haven't seen for a long time. I still remember what I looked like when I took the art exam. The storefront has basically been changed again. Everything around

is updated at the speed of half a year, and when you look at them again, the place is still the same place, and the people are no longer those people.

A funny sadness is sad, just as a hypocrite is suddenly particularly relieved of everything. These unconventional things make this person look different.

people will ask, why have you changed?

what has changed?

I have been in Beijing for the fifth year. When I went to another hutong, I found that it was gone. A short film by Chen Kaige, who is getting old for ten minutes, is called the depths of hundred Flowers. It was played by Feng Yuanzheng, and the performance was really good. This is a film about the impact of the disappearance of hutong on the local people. Bit by bit, it is not tearing down the wall, but clearly tearing down the heart and a habit.

this is now about a few months away from the school, the storefront at the school gate has changed three signs.

when I was at school, I ate every one of them, and they all tasted good. I don't know why I left. When I couldn't figure it out, I thought it might be the black dog at the door waiting for its owner. he was looking for an owner who might not be his owner. I'm not even sure it was the black dog.

it is difficult for us to define change.

A friend of mine told me that during his year in England, he became very withdrawn and had no new friends. But when he returned home, he felt that everything had changed, but the feelings of his friends had not changed. He thought it was his own personality problem, but later found out that it was not, and some people could not cobble it together at all.

the so-called friends, regardless of the change of stars, they haven't seen each other for several years, and they still see each other as they did yesterday, without the embarrassment of being speechless, and they feel natural and appropriate if they don't talk.

A long time ago, I was not a particularly gregarious person, not because I was unsociable, but because I found it difficult for others to accept me. But as the days went by, I found that true friends are those who let nature take its course and stay with you. In the past, when I was young, I felt that I was different from others. I thought I had a lot of ideas. I wrote it down, but it was very difficult to communicate with others. Later, I found that it was not that I was unwilling to communicate with others, but that others did not know much about the path you wanted to take in the future. Later, I found that the friend who can accompany you to the end is to support you unconditionally all the way, and give yourself strength when you are frustrated. Don't blindly blame others with you in times of frustration, but point out your shortcomings.

A friend is not someone who shares a common hatred with you when you are wrong, but someone who throws cold water on you.

so when time is changing, I will find that because there are old people by my side, my heart has not found any change. If there is a child in my heart, in fact, if time goes again, my innocence will not go.

Thank you the newcomers, remind me of the changes in the world,

Thank the old people, remind me that my heart has not changed.

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if you feel very lonely in your environment,

don't change yourself easily.

because if you give up your personality,

becomes not like yourself and becomes a perfunctory skin.

that's really sad.

if you like to write, keep writing.

if you like painting, keep drawing.

if you like speech and debate, stick to it.

if you like something, then suppress it and do something else that you think is more achievable. Forget it as soon as possible, because you can't even do what you like, and you can't do what you don't like.

Don't suppress yourself. Gold glows only in the right place, throws it in weeds and can only be trampled into the mud, where no one can see the light.