World Snake | the Power of Evil

World Snake | the Power of Evil

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World Serpent Jormungandr (World Snake)

Yermgante (Jormungandr, also known as Yemengade) is a serpentine monster in Nordic mythology, one of three creatures born to Loki (Loki) and giant Angelberta (Angerboda) (the other two are Ferril (Fenrir), the wolf, and Hull (hel)), the underworld queen).

according to the Eda Sutra, Yurm Gunter (Jormungandr) is an extremely large serpent, and it is full of evil forces with the demon wolf Finriel and the god of death Hull.

the Lord God Odin felt that Loki's three sons and daughters were a major threat to Asgart and would be the bane of destroying the world, so he came up with ideas to suppress them respectively. Odin threw (Jormungandr) into the bottomless sea that surrounds the world when he was young, but the serpent was so large that it stretched out and bit its tail at the other end of the deep sea (like a rattlesnake).

Yurm Gunter (Jormungandr) could not break free in the sea, so he had to hold his body tight and surround the whole earthly (Midgard), so he was also known as the "earthly python" and "the serpent around the atrium" (Midgardsormr,Midgard-Worm).

and his old enemy in life is Thor, the strongest of the gods.

fishing for serpents

Thor vs. Serpent (John Henrich Fisley, 1788) another story about serpents is also about Thor.

once, Thor went fishing with the giant Simil. in order to show his strength to Simir, Thor sailed the boat far offshore, used the head of the giant cow as bait, put it into the depths of the sea, and used all his life's strength to wrestle with the giant serpent biting its head. successfully pulled the serpent out of the sea.

after the giant snake Yurm Gunter (Jormungandr) rushed to the surface, he was frightened and angry. It constantly released poison gas and snake blood, and pulled so hard that even Thor's boat was damaged.

at this time, Thor picked up a sledgehammer and tried to hit the serpent on the head, but Simir was so scared that he cut the thread.

the serpent that fell back into the sea has had a bitter feud with Thor ever since.

Twilight of the gods

in the apocalyptic battle of Norse mythology, Twilight of the Gods, UlmGunter (Jormungandr) resonates with the evil forces on earth.

it awoke from its sleep, tumbled on the bottom of the sea, caused an uproar, and came to the land of Asgart to formally declare war on the gods.

its warring opponent is Thor, who has a deep grudge against him.

Thor knew the power of the serpent so well that he dared not neglect it. He threw his weapon, the hammer of Thor, at the serpent three times, all of which were skillfully avoided by the serpent. The serpent showed no weakness and kept spewing venom at Thor.

finally, Thor successfully hit the serpent with a sledgehammer, and the venom of the serpent went deep into Thor's body, resulting in the death of both sides.

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