Write down the most brazen bean mail

Write down the most brazen bean mail

Douban has been wonderful for ten years.

before going to bed last night, I asked for the computer from my boyfriend and casually brushed Douban to prepare Rest, only to find a new bean mail.

click on--

another strange internal test, what the heck is Douban doing?

click to the home page, there is an extra button in the center of the page, so I have to say that the word spacing is really ugly.

go on.

I'm so excited to see this: do I want to analyze the behavior of all my social platforms?!

I still have meals, Twitter, and ins!

laugh me to death! How can these three be so accurate! The first two are good friends, and the third is a boyfriend. He yelled at his boyfriend to come and have a look, and he looked at it hastily, and it was time to test you: "then it's up to you to choose for yourself."

after thinking about it, you'd better give your boyfriend's face.



rubbed his hands excitedly, couldn't wait to open the analysis report, and checked the address bar one second before phishing.

there is a video!

since when do I rely on Douban to be so smart?


is Zhongguancun Street unexpectedly, is it the keywords of my Renmin University and boyfriend Tsinghua University, and then find the only way? Cycling around when I was studying, I walked more than 800 times at the intersection of the east gate of Peking University.

wait! Why did our hearth appear?

then start a set of close-ups--

these close-up letters are my name.

this sentence is March 21, 2012, my boyfriend expressed his love to me on WeChat.

August 6, 2015, that is, today, is the 1234th day of our relationship.

A few weeks ago, we made an appointment to get a license this afternoon, but he never asked me to marry him. I hinted to him before my business trip this week that "you don't have much time left", but he didn't respond.

on the 5th, he came home in the middle of the night and pretended to borrow my computer. Maybe before going to bed, or as soon as I turn it on tomorrow morning, I will habitually brush Douban.

these are the thoughts that flashed through my mind in the last few seconds of the video. Then I looked up and saw him leaning against the door frame and smiling at me.

but why does the title say "brazen"?

-then I asked him:

"where's the ring?"

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"I didn't buy it."

as I have said repeatedly before, I don't want a diamond ring. But I have mentioned several times that even if it is silver, there must be one.

"not even silver?"

"Ah, I didn't buy it."

the atmosphere fell into a cold spot. I went into the bedroom and turned around and found that there was no follow-up.

after a while, I cried and was very aggrieved.