Write to a woman who has a lot of bitterness in her heart

Write to a woman who has a lot of bitterness in her heart

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you have a lot of pain in your heart.

it is always easy to be satisfied

in the Strange Theory, Bonnie Bo said, "how much sweetness does a person with a bitter heart need to fill?"

Ma Dong replied, "People who are very bitter can be filled with a trace of sweetness."

this sentence hits the hearts of countless people. Indeed, when our hearts are very dark, as long as a beam of light comes in, we feel warm enough.

bitter coffee with a little sugar is still bitter.

you are so easily satisfied that you are moved to say good night.

you are so easily satisfied that you think he loves you with a look.

you are so easily satisfied that you are occasionally reminded that someone cares about you.

as long as a little sweet, you will think of it as a pot of sugar water it is not very sweet. You are too easy to be satisfied, so the hole in your heart is getting bigger and bigger. The more bitter you are, the more you will be able to capture a little bit of good in life, and then infinitely enlarge it.

Do you want to bring out an elegant look in our dazzling short red cocktail dress? Our full range has all figures catered.

you gradually have no desire, dare not ask, dare not ask, for fear of losing what you have, but the result is often that you care about others, the less they care about you.

Liao Yimei said:

"Deep feelings have nothing to do with satisfaction, which can only belittle emotions and make them fall into the quagmire of comfort, comfort, and self-satisfaction."

I know you have a lot of pain in your heart, but don't let that suffering, vicious circle, don't deceive yourself, don't cheat yourself, because it's not comfortable.

in all relationships, be it, love, friendship, or kinship, being too easy to satisfy is always a bitter medicine.


discontent is the upward wheel.


you have a lot of pain in your heart.

writer Guo Zhongyi wrote a sentence:

"as long as you are willing to open a closed heart, to experience and embrace the happiness in front of you, you will be richer and happier than others."

the human heart is like a dyke. It often rains in its heart. If it stores too much water but does not discharge it, it will always break.

you should learn to open your heart, open the floodgates, and vent the bitter water, so that your heart can not be broken, impacted, and broken.

Dale Carnegie wrote in Human weakness

"if you are unhappy, the only way to be happy is to sit up straight happily and pretend to be happy to speak and act." If your behavior exudes happiness, it is impossible to remain depressed psychologically. This little basic truth can bring miracles to our lives. "

to be happy is to have fun and let your heart breathe to be happy.

unhappiness also goes by day by day, and there is a lot of baggage in my heart that can not be shaken off or erased. Even if you pretend to be happy, it's better to be happy than to be sad.

maybe our life will be more or less unsatisfactory, bitter, and astringent will be stacked but put it down, we can move on, give up, we can have, let go, and embrace more possibilities of life.

Don't fall into a bitter whirlpool and can't extricate yourself.


learn to let go to make miracles happen.


you have a lot of pain in your heart.

always accept

anyway, it's not going well, so don't change it.

anyway, it's very bitter, so don't expect it to be good.

anyway, it's hopeless, so forget it.

other people's requests are never embarrassed to refuse. No matter how reluctant and powerless you are, you will agree, accept, and try your best to accomplish them.

you always accept all misfortune and negative energy in adversity, do not struggle, do not change, accept adversity, and suffer more and more.

Shen Kenny said in broken time:

"There are many kinds of sadness, but there is only one kind of despair. Despair can make you stop worrying about gain and loss and become submissive. You will lose your expectations and temper until you run out of energy."

obedience is a kind of self-consumption or even self-destruction.

Life must be pursued. Even after reading a book, learning a small skill and cultivating a small interest is a way to live a full life.

you can't be overwhelmed by the trivialities of life, nor can you fall into the world and drift with the current.

Life is a displacement. After washing away the lead, although there are still many disappointments in our team's life, we should be able to warm our hearts, throw away the coldness given to us by others, and feel the real fireworks in the world.

Don't stand still, don't lose hope, don't say it.

you have to learn to breathe. Only when you breathe, can you make your life smoky and angry?


it takes a little temper to liven up life.


you have a lot of pain in your heart.

Please remember these nine words

in the "round table school", Dou Wentao pointed out that in addition to IQ and EQ, there is also an inverse quotient (AQ).

Li Xiaomu said: "the inverse quotient is to yourself." EQ and IQ are dealing with others. I think inverse quotient is dealing with yourself. "

now if you want to live a good life, you must learn to deal with yourself. many people are not unable to get through the social hurdle or the pit of life, but cannot pass this hurdle in their hearts.

I have blocked my way, and I can't even blame anyone.

Life is hard don't be too careless with yourself, how to get good from others if you are not good to yourself.

to yourself, don't be in a hurry to be satisfied, don't be afraid to let go, don't be embarrassed to refuse, don't drift with the tide.

just like Feng Tang's nine-character motto of life: don't worry, don't be afraid, be shameless.

in the future, if life is a little bitter, please think of these nine words, learn to reconcile with yourself, and add more sugar and honey to life.