Yes, you are tired, but who is not tired?

Yes, you are tired, but who is not tired?


I am a person who doesn't like to hear complaints.

I can accept it, but I can't complain.

there are many ways for people to regulate their emotions.

the worst one is to lose their temper at others casually,

especially those closest to them.

Yes, it hurts.

because you have no scruples with the people closest to you,

you think that the other person who loses your temper will be tolerant.

but that doormat whose stress you relieve unconditionally,

how should they clean up your emotional rubbish?

sometimes I accept death.

once I took a chauffeured taxi, which was during the rush hour, and the car was so jammed on Chaoyang Road that I didn't even pass a traffic light for about an hour. The driver of my car suddenly began to tell me that you are a white-collar worker, do you earn a lot of money every month? I said no. He had to say, Don't be modest, you all earn more than we do. I have an old mother to support above, and children below should go to junior high school. I asked my wife to quit her job at home to take care of the elderly and children, and I ran every day. Tired to death, this fucking traffic jam in Beijing is enough, it is not as easy as you to make money. Later, when his wife called, he shouted to his daughter-in-law, basically asking her to cook quickly, wash his clothes, tidy up the house, and don't let him look upset when he went back.

I had ten thousand uppercase fuck on my mind at that time. After he hung up the phone, he continued to complain to me about everything. After he complained about the country, complained about Beijing, complained about his family, complained that his wife despised the rich and hated white-collar workers, I said a word to him: "strong> Yes, you are tired, I will ask you, who is not tired?"  everyone in the street you can see is very tired, you still have a car not to squeeze the subway, but the company employees who get off work from 9 to 5 every day don't get stuck in traffic, because they work overtime and there are almost no cars on the street.

many people will magnify their predicament,

narrow the plight of others,

appear to be beset with difficulties.

you don't know, other people are much more tired than you, but they just don't complain.

if you don't have the ability, you are most afraid of Wo Li Heng.

I hope everyone will never be such a person.

gentleness is for lovers and families. Bayonets should be extended to those who stumble themselves.

in real life, many people do the opposite.

six people who pretend to be submissive to the outside world, send their families to do this and when they go home, those with a bad temper will blow up the sky. This kind of person, we call it incompetence.

make up the whole world, everyone on this chain of the whole social order is very tired.

I hate people who are negative every day. I prefer to know people who have a positive attitude and smile every day. PS does not include hypocrisy. I like to smile well, and a smile from my heart can relieve all tiredness.

complaining can't fight poison with poison, on the contrary, it will make you get deeper and deeper.

on the contrary, if you look on the bright side, the results may be very different.

if you talk rationally, as a friend or family member may help you figure it out, grumbling with the smell of gunpowder will only make things worse.

my mother has taught me since I was a child that is better than the lower.

if you don't fight, you'll get what suits you.

there are very few people who can tolerate your bad temper like your family.

more people choose to stay away from bad people.

even a lover can't 100% spoil your frown and long complaints.

you can talk, but never say who makes money much easier than you.

whoever can make money easily, why is it unfair?

what you can see is easy, but there must be difficulties in the early stage that you can't see.

pay and return are always proportional.

at the moment you feel that there is nothing in return, maybe you are spending your time complaining.

maybe I haven't tried to do much.

Don't be jealous of anyone, just be yourself.

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No one has an easy life. What is easy is not life.

he is tired, she is tired, you are tired, I am tired.

for family, for money, for people you like, for dreams, for secrets that can't be told in your head,

who's not tired?