You are in charge of being as beautiful as a flower, and I am in charge of cooking and supporting my family.

You are in charge of being as beautiful as a flower, and I am in charge of cooking and supporting my family.


I have heard a male friend say such a thing, and I think it is the most beautiful love word in the world.

he said to his girlfriend:

"in the future, you will have a baby for me, and the baby will still have my last name.

you have to sacrifice your youth, your body, your blood into milk to feed our future.

I have no reason not to be nice to you. "

I think this is the voice of every sensible male friend.

A man who loves his wife is always gentle and his career will be very successful.

because capable men never behave in a bad way.

and the character of a beloved woman will change from a tiger to a kitten.

absolute law, unless the girl is naturally grumpy.

I remember that someone once said such a thing to me, and I am always moved when I think of it up to now.

he said: don't go into the kitchen, you'll get lampblack; don't clean the sewers, you'll get your hands dirty.

this is not what a girl should do. A girl's hands and skin can not be destroyed by oil fumes and will grow old.

I like you. I didn't ask you to do this for me. I wish you were only responsible for beauty.

whatever you want to eat, I'll cook it for you, and you can eat it.

I want to cry when I think about it now.

I'm really moved. Which girl won't be moved when she hears this?

the nature of girls is actually greedy. after all, it is girls who stop with a big bag of snacks and yell about losing weight. When watching Korean TV dramas, Japanese TV dramas, American TV dramas and British TV dramas, the food on hand is so wonderful that it explodes.

it's about like this, and now it seems that boys cook better than girls.

all the good chefs in restaurants I can know are men.

and what's interesting is that we always say that marriage destroys women's graves, and another aspect is that we have to take care of our children and consume ourselves. In addition, we always feel that we should buy food and cook, and we don't like to clean up ourselves over time. Then lampblack hurts the skin. To be honest, often washing dishes and getting dirty can make your hands rough. It's okay to love to take care of yourself. If you don't like to take care of yourself, That's the end of it. The image of a housewife popped up.

but to be honest, many girls have a heart to cook for their loved ones. after all, if you want to catch a person's heart, you must first grab his stomach.

I have a best friend who is a very good cook, especially for dessert, which is good enough to open a dessert shop.

I'm a girl. I think she's great, not to mention a boy.

cooking is a skill, which is very good for a person.

We have a huge selection of silhouettes and styles for every taste!

A teenage cook sounds cute, too.

for the sake of the person you like is not afraid of oil splashing smoke,

and the person who likes you is very distressed, she will never let her splash smoke for herself.

this is love, and the little things are full of love.

in that case, why not choose a compromise.

if you want to show off, you have to go into the kitchen.

A beautiful cook serves a table of delicious dishes.

that's really called color, smell and flavor.


if you love someone, learn to love yourself first.

sometimes you pay a lot at the expense of yourself.

in fact, they all feel sorry for themselves in the end.

Smart people all know how to tie each other up:

that is to make themselves better,

he won't let you go.

A dish can tie his stomach, but your face can tie his heart.